Well, of course such a popular new topic deserves to have its own page!
Credits to Celerydip for coming up with the first list. Shinychopstick for the second. And Wetsponge for a mini-list. : )
Anyone can come up with more and type it up or let me know, and I’ll do it for you.

The “winner” of each category (so far, since not everyone has voted yet) is next to the category title.

And the categories are…

  1. Funniest – littlefluteplayer
    -Celerydip: littlefluteplayer
    -ShinyChopstick: Hmm…I guess out of our group, Littlefluteplayer? Or if it’s saying something weird…sometimes me. I don’t think anyone’s really funny. We just do funny things.
    -Wetsponge: everyone has their moments
    -Littlefluteplayer: thats hard but i know the least funny
    -Eggnoodle: we’re all pretty funny when we want to (or not)
    -Tochifu: Littlefluteplayer
    -Deergoatsheep: Celerydip; that time with RJ and the tripping LOLOLOL..
  2. Prettiest – everyone ;D
    -C: wetsponge
    -SC: ehh. Don’t know. No one’s “pretty” really.
    -W: shiny! she has gorgeous eyes
    -L: eggnoodle stylish in a way O.o
    -E: deergoatsheep’s a GUY magnet
    -T: Everyone’s “pretty” in their own way
    -D: Littlefluteplayer; last year he wore a headband. AND LOOKED PRETTY. /envy
  3. Cutest – sushirollz
    -C: idk
    -SC: Uhh…I guess Littlefluteplayer. How else would he be such a chick magnet…
    -W: depends on what kind of cute…. i guess i’ll go with littlefluteplayer
    -L: sushirollz cute enough to get kidnapped xD
    -E: sushirollz. i’m going with the “cutesy” not the “omg he’s cute” kind of cute
    -SR:O-O.THANKS LF,that’s reallll nice to know.I’ll agree with almost everyone and say myself? XD
    -T: I’d have to go with sushirollz
    -D: Sushirollz; cute, happy attitude ;_;
  4. Hottest – wetsponge
    -C: littlefluteplayer
    -SC: why are these questions so similar??? They’re all basically the same thing, so if one were to answer, it’d be mostly the same answers. You should stop focusing on the physicalities.
    -W: …eggnoodle’s pretty hot dude
    -L: idk wetsponge? (supermodel =P)
    -E: wetsponge fo sho XD
    -SR:Eh,Wet is blunt, but i’ve seen eggy be pretty honest if you want her to be.
    -T: wetsponge
    -D: Wetsponge; I can imagine her attracting eyes from all the boys. proooo.
  5. Most creative – shinychopstick
    -C: shinychopstick
    -SC: me. The mastermind!!! Muahahahaha.
    -W: umm…. shinychopstick??
    -L: im thinking me but i feel concieted sayng tht o.o
    -E: TOCHIFU!! …reminiscing the holidays and special events…
    -SR: LoL,like LF, i was going to say myself,if it was supposed to be “artistic” creative,thinking                     back to the NJHS shirts and whatnot. 
    -T:obviously shinychopstick
    -D: Tochifu; basically what Eggnoodle said
  6. Most honest – wetsponge
    -C: wetsponge
    -SC: Wetsponge. Just blunt.
    -W: me, duurrrr
    -L: idk cuz we can all lie l:< (tilt head to left to see face its a happy face)
    -E: wetsponge, obviously.
    -T: wetsponge
    -D: Wetsponge; most frank
  7. Most passionate – eggnoodle
    -C: eggnoodle
    -SC: probably Eggnoodle because she landed on that at the one game at the penny arcade.
    -W: eggy
    -L: eggnoodlez cuz she watches too much dramas
    -E: really? 😉 i didn’t know i was that passionate.
    -SR:When ever eggy acts,its so real!
    -T: eggnoodle
    -D: Eggnoodle; passionate by.. caring? and stuff? i never looked it up.. LOL.
  8. Smartest – shinychopstick  EVERYONE
    -C: shiny..of course
    -SC: hmm…this is hard.
    -W: shiny [woah, for a second there, i almost put her real name.]
    -L: who else shiny
    -E: even shiny gets brainfarts but hhaha yeah it’s her
    -SR:No Off. to Shiny but i don’t agree with y’all.We’re ALL SMART.[gate students,duhh].
    -T: shinychopstick… she’s the mastermind
    -D: shinychopstick; her brain is holy. +__+
  9. Weirdest – sushirollz & celerydip
    -C: sushirollz
    -SC: Sushirollz. But Eggnoodle and Celerydip are also very weird.
    -W: well, none of us is actually normal….
    -L: me =P
    -E: CELERYDIP. she does the most random things
    -SR:MOI,me,myself,and I.
    -T: no one in the group is normal…
    -D: Sushirollz, Littlefluteplayer, and Celerydip.
  10. Strongest – littlefluteplayer
    -C: littlefluteplayer
    -SC: physically would be Littlefluteplayer. Duhh.
    -W: littlefluteplayer, maybe eggnoodle
    -L: me again lol
    -E: littlefluteplayer
    -SR:LittleFlute for guys,Celery for girls.O-O i was gonna say eggy??
    -T: littlefluteplayer
    -D: Celerydip and Littlefluteplayer; you guys remember the arm wrestling thing??
  11. Weakest – sushirollz
    -C: sushirollz
    -SC: Sushirollz. You should eat more and build up some muscles!
    -W: idk…
    -E: i think we’re gonna have to see some arm wrestling btwn sushirollz and deergoatsheep. not sure.
    -T: probably deergoatsheep…or maybe sushirollz
    -D: Me/Deergoatsheep; no pondering required, lulz.
  12. Most perverted – wetsponge
    -C: wetsponge
    -SC: I know a lot of people would say me, but I’m not! I just figure out dirty jokes quicker because my mind considers all aspects quickly. So I guess it’s Wetsponge.
    -W: me, pshaw
    -L: none of us rly
    -E: celerydip with her “what’s that supposed to mean? 😉 ” and the “clinging p.e shorts” at the pool. XD
    -SR: Wetsponge
    -T: celerydip
    -D: ..I dunno..
  13. Most stupid – celerydip & deergoatsheep
    -C: celerydip
    -SC: Psshh…”stupidest”. Everyone’s pretty smart. I guess if it’s the most gullible stupid, it’d be Deergoatsheep.
    -W: i dont want to offend anyone.
    -L: celerydip xP
    -E: lacking of commen sense: celerydip. gullible and spacy: deergoatsheep. neither are academically stupid (i hope)
    -SR: What eggs said!
    -T: what eggnoodle said
    -D: Me/Deergoatsheep; gullible and slow at figuring/realizing things.
  14. Looks oldest – shinychopstick
    -C: eggnoodle
    -SC: I guess Wetsponge. I can look pretty old too, like I’ve seen in stores. Ma’am.
    -W: me
    -L: shiny depending on her hairstyle
    -E: shiny
    -SR: HAHA. I was going to say shiny but then I remember my little sister’s teacher thinking’ that I was either in high school or COLLEGE. LOL! Its a tie!
    -T: shinychopstick
    -D: Shinychopstick; her eyes are full of experience and smartness, if that makes sense.
  15. Looks youngest – eggnoodle
    -C: shinychopstick
    -SC: Looks youngest? No one. We all look old and depressing.
    -W: eggnoodle
    -L: sushirollz
    -E: most likely me? i have a pretyy babyish face right?
    -SR: Eggy (baby face) or me (childish face)[[HAHA,ACTUALLY SORT OF HAPPY THAT ITS NOT ME?No offense thought eggy!]]
    -T: eggnoodle
    -D: Eggnoodle; I dunno why. but she’s peppy and dresses in vibrant colors~
  16. Best singer – eggnoodle & never heard each other sing XD
    -C: eggnoodle …cause she doesn’t go all high…jk.. D
    -SC: That’s weird. No one has really sung in front of each other. Except Eggnoodle…but me and Wetsponge were in honors chorus. I can hit pitches (when I actually want to) perfectly.
    -W: shinychopstick
    -L: i never heard any1 here sing befor
    -E: i’ve only heard myself sing. like actual singing. let’s all go sing karaoke first!
    -SR: HAHA.Eggy!
    -T: i’ve rarely heard anyone sing so i’m not sure…
    -D: Eggnoodle and Sushirollz; ’cause they’re the only people I heard sing.
  17. Best dancer – eggnoodle
    -C: eggnoodle and celerydip D
    -SC: Eggnoodle’s crazy weird.
    -W: eggnoodle
    -L: eggnoodlez pole dancer xD
    -E: XD well thank you
    -SR: Pole dancer eggy!!
    -T: i haven’t seen anyone dance…
    -D: Eggnoodle; AS SEEN AT THE DANCE. O__O;
  18. Scariest – sushirollz
    -W: sushirollz, if you piss her off, it’s like the transformation of a little chihuahua into the grim reaper. yeesh!
    -E: i agree with wetsponge. sushirollz
    -SR: If you piss me off, I’d try to kill you. So me;to D-its alright!Hahaha!LOL SUZIE-KINS ^===^
    -T: what wetsponge said
    -D: Sushirollz; .. i’msorry!!!
  19. Most gluttonous – shinychopstick
    -W: shiny! tsk tsk…
    -E: Well, tochifu has a pretty fast double-x time, so he’s healthier than we think. i’d say shiny, because she was pretty lazy in p.e XD
    -SR: Haha.Me and shiny since we snack a lot!
    -T: shinychopstick
    -D: Me/Deergoatsheep; last-minute person, and i don’t try. lol.
  20. Ugliest – no comment!
    -C:we are all tied!
    -W: i wont give an answer myself. refer back to #13
    -E: i believe we’re all pretty goodlooking, so it’s difficult to single someone out. : )
    -SR: ME ME ME ( I have a lot of imperfections
    -T: myself! duh…

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