Group Skit

Uh, so this is Eggnoodle. I have created this page especially for–you guessed it!–our group skit. We’re open to ideas and suggestions before and during “the making of”, as well as opinions and critiques after we post the plotline. It’ll be quite an adventure! I look forward to it!

[Edit] We never got around to it during the school year. hahaha BUT there’s always SUMMER!!

Current Idea at the Moment: We, the group, will break into littlefluteplayer’s house in the future. I(Eggnoodle) don’t know why I thought this way. Knowing my group, I had a sure feeling, certain, that one day we would break into someone’s house. I imagined how everyone would act during the break-in. It’s very funny, really. Anyway, during lunch we built upon my vision and ended up deciding to break into littlefluteplayer’s house.

So here are the “roles” that I had imagined beforehand…

Me – excited and feeling mischievous, wanting to test my skills at picking locks.

Shinychopstick – probably paranoid, telling us to be quiet at every small sound, but at the same time, coming up with funny pranks on Littlefluteplayer.

Celery Dip – encouraging us to do it, even pushing us on, and calling us chickens if we express our doubt.

Banh Beo – following along but once in a while expresses that it’s a bad idea and we shouldn’t be breaking into the house.

SushiRoll – giggling excitedly the whole time.

Chi Fu – laughs at SushiRoll’s giggles and stays outside to watch for people.

Littlefluteplayer – the person whose house is being broken into, poor unsuspecting fellow.

HamtaroMax – whispers objection to breaking into his friend’s home, but goes along anyway. Also, maybe quietly humming to himself.

Deergoatsheep – really enthusiastic.

Shinychopstick’s Adds:

We will need to do it at nighttime (seriously, who breaks into a house in the daylight) so I think we should have it in a house full of trees (such as mine. great for hiding) And, I also have walkie talkies!



  1. shinychopstick said,

    Ahh!!! What about HamtaroMax?

    Well, I don’t think he’d be wanting to break into his best bud’s house anyway

    I think everyone would have a walkie talkie, and me with a laptop and earpiece. haha


  2. sushiroll said,

    i’ll be sneaking into the crooks and crannys!

  3. Eggnoodle said,

    Hahaha! Great suggestions guys! Let’s talk about it more, yah?

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