Favorite Singers/Bands

DBSK – [Shinychopstick]

F.T. Island – [Shinychopstick]

2PM – [Shinychopstick]

Super Junior – [Eggnoodle]

Muse – [Shinychopstick] & [Sushiroll]

Linkin Park – [Shinychopstick] & [Deergoatsheep]

My Chemical Romance – [Shinychopstick]

SE7EN – [Shinychopstick]

Arashi – [Shinychopstick] & [To “Chi” Fu]

Lee Jun Ki – [Shinychopstick]

Big Bang – [Shinychopstick] & [Deergoatsheep]

Hot Hot Heat – [Shinychopstick]

Keane – [Shinychopstick]

Yellowcard – [Shinychopstick]

James Morrison – [Shinychopstick]

Monkey Majik – [Shinychopstick]

Arctic Monkeys – [Shinychopstick]

Maroon 5 – [Shinychopstick] & [Sushiroll]

The Fratellis – [Shinychopstick]

Sugarcult – [Shinychopstick]

Travis – [Shinychopstick]

The TRAX – [Shinychopstick]

Fly To The Sky – [Shinychopstick]

Supernova – [Shinychopstick]

SG Wannabe – [Shinychopstick]

SS501 – [Shinychopstick] & [Deergoatsheep]

Epik High – [Shinychopstick] & [Deergoatsheep]

The Nuts – [Shinychopstick]

Humming Urban Stereo – [Shinychopstick]

SHINee – [Shinychopstick]

CSJH the Grace – [Shinychopstick]

Golf & Mike-[Sushiroll]

Of Montreal-[Sushiroll]

Tilly & The Wall-[Sushirollz]


Postal Service-[sushiroll] & [Deergoatsheep]

Metro Station – [Sushiroll]

The Goodbooks – [Sushiroll]

Daedalus – [Sushiroll]

Lily Allen – [Sushiroll]

The GazettE- [Sushiroll]

Panic at the Disco!- [Sushiroll]

Hellogoodbye- [Sushirollz]

Shiny Toy Guns-[Sushiroll]

Secret Handshake- [Sushiroll]

Nightmare – [Sushiroll]

An Cafe – [Sushiroll]


All American Rejects-[Sushiroll]

V6 – [To “Chi” Fu]

NewS – [To “Chi” Fu]

WaT – [To “Chi” Fu]

5566 – [To “Chi” Fu]

Shinhwa – [To “Chi” Fu] & [Shinychopstick]

Aqua Timez – [To “Chi” Fu]

YUI – [To “Chi” Fu]

Tackey & Tsubasa – [To “Chi” Fu]

Hoshimura Mai – [To “Chi” Fu]

Utada Hikaru – [To “Chi” Fu]

Dreams Come True – [To “Chi” Fu]

Fahrenheit – [To “Chi” Fu]

V.O.S. [Deergoatsheep]

Ran [Deergoatsheep]

W.O.W. [Deergoatsheep]

Lee Soo Young [Deergoatsheep]

Loveholic [Deergoatsheep]

Clazziquai [Deergoatsheep] & [Shinychopstick]

Kangta [Deergoatsheep]

Tally Hall [Deergoatsheep]

Winter Garden [Deergoatsheep]

Marie Digby [Deergoatsheep]

Imogen Heap [Deergoatsheep]

Jyongri [Deergoatsheep]

Fantastic Plastic Machine (ftw!) [Deergoatsheep]



  1. sushiroll said,

    oh oh oh!
    can you post up a picture of one of my favorite singer/band,when it’s there birthdate?
    trace cyruse[metro station]-February 28
    mson musso[metro station]-march 17

  2. sushiroll said,

    another band -_________-
    an cafe
    [silivia introduced me to it!lol]
    and guess what?!?! next year, i’m gonna cut my hair so that it’ll look like one of the guys in thier band!his name is Bou, but he just quit the band,so yahyahyah!

  3. sushiroll said,

    his birthday is TODAY!!!!
    CAN YOU POST UP HIS PIC AND say happy birthday? 🙂

  4. megumi said,

    i love nightmare, an cafe, the gazette and DBSK as well
    good music taste

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