November 12, 2008

The Obcessions

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Belonging to me and Wetsponge. XD

So we’ve got a new goal. Anyways, I THINK Wetsponge recently found out about Ulzzangs and Himegyarus ( I knew about them for a long time. Hence my obcession with them “Jap”/Korean people. :)) So our new goal is……….. *drumroll*

To get CIRCLE LENSES and EYELID GLUE and (make up?) and go to PHOTOSTICKER (and be amaze everyone into thinking that we’re japanese or korean celebrities!) HEHEHE! 😀 funfun! I was planning on buying circle lenses anyways. 😉 [We’re planning to go posing as ulzzangs.]





















And hime-gyarus mean “princess —–”










Actually, they’d have much more HEAVY and intricate details adorning them, but …….. yea. I love their nails! So 3-d!


October 28, 2008

Shinychopstick’s Feature: K-Hip-Hop

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YG Family….too many people to name and point out ^^;; (though I do spot T.O.P next to Daesung, Seungri, Taeyang)

Well, I planned this in my head for a while, but I’m finally making time to execute this. My rundown of different types of K-hiphop to broaden your minds…

I’m making up the terminology (since it’s what I use in my own head)

The “Featuring” Artists

Meaning: The rappers we hear in other people’s songs, but have no idea who they are individually.


Elaboration: They sort of come and go.

The Seasoned Vets

Meaning: People who have either been in the industry for years, or have contributed and influenced a lot!

Examples: I can’t name them all, but one I can name is 1TYM. They debuted in 1998, and are still participating in other YG artists’ songs. Speaking of which, there was this one performance I loved was with the YG artists (like Big Bang and SE7EN) doing 1TYM’s song “Hot Ddeu Guh”. It was nice. Seotaiji & Boys is also a really influential group, debuting in 1991.

Elaboration: I treat these groups with a lot of appreciation. (Like whenever I hear a 1TYM song)

The Half Rappers in Singing Groups

Meaning: These are basically the one-two people in a male group (primarily singing) that mainly sing, but add their own “raps” to the song.

Examples: Yunho and Yoochun in DBSK (They’re singers, acappella to be exact, but they do rap in a lot of their songs) and Hyunjoong and Hyungjoon in SS501 (I’m less familiar with their rapping, since they do it less often, but they still do).

Elaboration: Now, the quality is not the best, of course, but it’s not bad either. It’s made to be sort of the climactic point of the song. Would I consider Yunho and Yoochun rappers? No.

The Distinct Rapper Role in a Singing Group

Meaning: Those groups who have one-three members that specialize in rapping in a mainly singing group.

Examples: Minho in SHINee, Eric in Shinhwa, Gwangsu and Geonil in Cho Shin Sung, Lio and Ryu in Battle, the list goes on…

Elaboration: Now these people are what I call, the “secret weapon” of these groups. They usually have their 30 sec. part near the end of the song. A somewhat enjoyable thing. Sometimes, if they’re lucky, they get most of the song to themselves (Cho Shin Sung – Supernova). I really respect these members. They stand out in a group and are good at what they do. I wouldn’t call them “hardcore” though.

The Rappers in a Primarily Hip-Hop Group

Meaning: the title pretty much explains it…

Examples: Hmm… the only group I can think of at the top of my head is Big Bang. The real meat of the group lies in G.Dragon and T.O.P, don’t you think? They control how the song goes and such. It’s so refreshing.

Elaboration: ^kind of said it above.

The Solo Rappers

Meaning: pretty straight-forward…

Some examples are: MC Mong, H-Eugene, Crown J, etc.

Elaboration: Gotta appreciate them working alone. Plus, each person’s style is unique. I particularly like MC Mong’s music. Crown J’s is good as well, though his tends to be a bit more…iffy. Solo rappers are known for having a clear, distinct style. Crown J’s is more Americanized. Solo rappers are known for having lots of “featuring” artists on their tracks.

The Small Groups

Meaning: The 2-4 person group. All contribute (such as rapping, beat-boxing, DJ-ing)

Examples: This includes groups like Untouchables, iM, Namolla Family, YMGA, and one extra special group (that I’ll save for the end)

Elaboration: This category includes some of my favorites (and my actual favorite, but I’ll save that for the end). Each group here also has a distinct quality about them. iM has AWESOME beat-boxing. Namolla Family has good, fun melodies, etc.

…And My Favorite…

Epik High! Of course! Really, out of ALL artists, not just hip-hop artists, I think they’re the MOST TALENTED. Yes, even above DBSK. (See, I’m not being prejudiced, saying that DBSK is the most talented group of all time, since really, it’s not true). Epik High is the only “mainstream” group that is able to do both addicting, catchy songs AND deep, controversial songs at the same time (and they’re able to rap at 100 mph for anything!). I mean, Tablo and his lyrics? Hello? No wonder he has his own book. (Stanford!!!). Catchy songs about things like having fun and love is all good, but it’s another thing to dive into: politics, religion, prejudices in society, education, health, philosophy…the list goes on and on! Who else uses the word “saccharine” in their hit songs???

Another thing: their personalities are so great! They’re such dorks, and you gotta love them for that. Tablo and his radio show. Him teaching Tukutz English. Mithra Jin’s days looking like a savage man (he kind of still does in a way), and people joking around with him about that. Them singing along to Kara. All of the great variety show moments (like on Star Golden Bell).

Aww, really. I hope they don’t disband. I understand what they mean, about doing what you love only for your own enjoyment. Fame and crap like that does change things. Really, I want them to be happy with their decision.

Shinychopstick’s Music: YMGA

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Sort of new duo from YG. But these guys are seasoned vets, if you didn’t already know. It’s Masta Wu and DM! You may know them from other YG collaborations (I know Masta Wu from SE7EN’s songs). Well anyway, YMGA stands for “Young Men Gangsta’s Association”. (Interesting name, eh?)

They have, probably some of the best rhythm I’ve heard in Korean hip-hop in a while, not to mention, some really catchy songs. I really like their title from the mini-album “Tell It to My Heart” (credits to SMarie7) feat. Uhm Jung Hwa. I knew the song sounded so familiar! It’s because it’s sampled from the one 80’s song. I also like “Let it Play” feat. Ji Eun.

But these guys have awesome support. YG Fam! What I consider the most close-knit label in the Korean music industry. (Or at least they make it seem that way). Well, love their song “What” with the YG Fam. (Also “Real Talk” with Taeyang!)

In true YG taste…

October 27, 2008

MV Reviews

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Hmm… I’m sort of in a down mood right now. (News that Epik High might be disbanding! Why?!?!? No!!!). But anyway, I planned to do this, anyway, so I’m going to go through with it.

Clazziquai – ‘Flea’ (credits to SMarie7)

I’m happy that they’re going back to good ol’ electronica roots. It makes a huge difference, in the industry. Well, anyway, it’s a dark-ish song to start with (kind of freaked me out when I listened to it right before I went to sleep). There are two guys sitting on a bench in a park (in the beginning) playing games on a PSP(?) when they notice something and get up to investigate. (I got nervous, since I hate things popping out). So they’re running along a lake, and into a tunnel, to follow whatever it was they saw. Then the MV cuts to Alex (Hahaha! Gotta love Alex!) in a chair with a black blindfold cloth on. (Oooh…). Horan also looks good, though particularly oily from all the make-up. She also has jewels adorned to her forehead, and her hair is afro-like. It’s interesting. Alex doing moves/poses in the chair totally cracks me up (I’m thinking: that man took care of four toddlers and such). And then we see these hybrid flea-man things! Wow, if I saw those things when I was a kid, I’d totally have nightmares for weeks. They look like something from “Pan’s Labyrinth”! Oh yeah, back to the two guys from the beginning. They climb up these stairs in an abandoned building and lurk around. Then they get to a floor, and see people running in the opposite direction (The PSP is dropped. I wonder if it broke). So, like smart boys would do, they follow the herd of people. (Oh! We also see DJ Clazzi doing his thing. I’m not leaving him out). I’m not so sure what happens at the end (ambiguous), but Alex takes off his blindfold and his face throbs and turns scary, and Horan reveals the snakes in her hair (like Medusa).

Black – 가슴아 그만 (Credits to SMarie7)

Possibly my favorite song of the month…and by a new singer too! I’m not gonna go into the MV too much, since it deals with the very familiar topic of “lost love”. It’s the song that I really like. There is a narration in the beginning by Lee Se Young (I like people with nice speaking voices. So jealous). The piano part is so nice. It’s not too overbearing nor passive. And we see Black himself play the piano. And there are cuts of a teddy bear, Lee Se Young in a moving car, cups of coffee, a pentagon architecture and a tunnel (in which they run and do exaggerated hand gestures in). All in all, I’ll be sure to watch out for more of his music.

Hero – 하루만 (Credits to SMarie7)

Also new. I’ve heard of them through some exaggerated news topic of their faux pas way of signing a contract (with blood. I don’t think it’s that bad, but others may disagree). I’ll also speak less of the MV and more of the song, since I really like it. They’re like a newb version of SG Wannabe (though they’re actual skills definitely aren’t as good). They’re a duo, though. (But don’t compare them to Brown Eyes or Fly to the Sky either). The song style, for this one in particular, is similar to SG Wannabe. In the MV, we see a couple, most likely in their University days. Turns out that was the past. Usual situation…

Notice how I’m picking artists that aren’t the usual “norm” of my reviews. Sure, I thoroughly enjoy the glitz and glam of mainstream K-Pop, but I tend to lean toward ballads and unique things more. This is just one step in getting more people to broaden their music choices.

What next…

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Ah, I’ve been living for the hours after school these days. Free computer time! And how joyous it has been, to catch up with all the dramas I’ve been missing these days.

Omo, I’m almost done with “Love Marriage”. Ahh!! Why only 16 eps??? It’s such an addicting drama. Actually, I’ve never watched a romantic comedy that doesn’t turn sour toward the end, so this was so refreshing. And oh, so many giggle-fits. I crack up at almost everything. Kim Ji Hoon!! Aw, makes me wish I had a “couple manager”.

What drama am I gonna watch next? Hmm… I don’t think I’ll be watching “Beethoven Virus”. At least not for now. The first episode just bored me too much. Maybe over winter break or something. So possibly “East of Eden” (though the total heavy drama of it all will freak me out).

Aww…”We Got Married” is so…disappointing these days. I’ve been so bummed out ever since the AnSol couple left. You can totally feel their presence missing. Also, the new couples have been hogging up so much of the time. (PD, please even out the couples). I don’t really have a problem with the Hwanhee&Hwayobi couple (interesting), but the Marco&SonDamBi couple is… just irrelevant to me. And the CrownJ&SeoInYoung couple’s getting worse and worse missions. (As with the Lettuce couple). I mean, the “Crown J Tour” eps shouldn’t have been done at all! At least not at this time. The new couples should have a few weeks to bond before being thrust into the cluster of couples. I can’t even sense the romanticism. (Remember AnSol playing pool or AlShin and their dinner&polaroids?). Arghh! So friggin frustrated. The lack of luster’s totally throwing me off. I won’t blame AlShin couple, though. Of course, Sinae would be…busy because of the recent losses. Poor Alex has to “father” four toddlers alone.

I think, if this continues, I’ll just stop watching. Eventually, all of the original couples will be gone due to their own schedules. I don’t think the Hwanhee&Hwayobi couple will be enough to keep me interested. The only exception is if the new couples include some members of certain boy bands (but still, that’s Hyunjoong’s territory on WGM).

Maybe I’ll just catch up on “Family Outing” eps. I still haven’t finished the one with Hong Gi! Or maybe if more subs are out for “Every1 Idol Show”. And I haven’t been watching “SHINee’s Yunhanam” lately. Ugh…it’s not the same!

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