June 23, 2011

Now / Always!

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Wow it’s been over two years since anyone posted anything on this blog… Looks like I’ll be changing that now! Let’s see how many people actually check or keep up with this blog…

Dear: Shinychopstick, Eggnoodle, Celerydip, Sushiroll[z], Littlefluteplayer, Wetsponge (and honorary members Deergoatsheep and HamtaroMax)

I can’t believe our Junior Year’s finally over! It definitely doesn’t feel like we’re Seniors! We only have one more year of high school left before we have to enter… THE REAL WORLD… I know we all have our own lives and new friends, but I think we should make an effort to have that group reunion we’ve always tried to have but never accoomplished. Let’s make this final summer as high school students, one to remember and cherish for years to come! Together, we can make it happen!

Even though we’re no longer going to the same schools, we’ll always be friends; no matter where we will go, we will always be The N/A!

The N/A – ” ‘Til Then, My Friend “

 To “Chi” Fu


May 3, 2009

who do you think is going to get married first?

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February 5, 2009

Valentine’s Day ~

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Hey guys.

So I know it’s been a loong while since I layed eyes on the homepage, and I feel like I’ve betrayed you all. I certainly don’t want to be viewed with the same criticism as -ahem- a certain ‘player’. Anyway, I really believe that since we don’t all go to the same school, we really should stay connected one way or another. Personally, I would prefer IM, or a text, or most certainly a phone call. But, I’ll compromise. (:

Moving on.. to VALENTINE’S DAY. Which of us will be ‘alone’ this year? Which of us will have someone? (: -ahem- Celerydip, I knows you’ll find someone. -insert devious laugh- And, hahaha, miss sushirollz, stalking is a fine way to spend Valentine’s. But maybe you should be bold and give him chocolate! YUM.

Anyway, next week is spirit week. On Monday, wear white if you’re single, pink if you’re crushing on someone, or red if you’re taken. Obviously, I would wear white or pink. (: Here’s the thing: there’s this guy… I still think he’s cute, I still notice him, and I still try to be composed and cool around him, BUT I don’t get that heart-pounding feeling. It’s like I’m used to liking him. Does that ever happen? and does that mean I DON’T like him anymore?
Still, I’m going to wear pink. (: I just want to see how many if people react and ask me who I like. (: -insert another devious laugh-

heart FYI, .. I love you ! (:

February 3, 2009


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No new posts here… sad.

Though I’ve been posting alot on my lj (but mostly about interests).

It’s just weird…

So…sorry for any readers!

January 16, 2009

I stalked him down

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hehehe i “stalked” down his myspace!


I know his name now.
He’s so QQQQQQ.

Andrew Dang; Andy Dang.

I’m obcessed. :T

*sniff sniff* XD

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