September 23, 2008

I’ve made my peace…

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…with Wonder Girls. Not that I hated them before (just that their songs get SO FRIGGIN STUCK in my head). Well, now I just prefer them over, say, another K-pop girl group (whose members have pissed me off so much now). Anyway, I like their new song, “Nobody”. It’s catchy, but not so annoyingly catchy. Maybe it’s the minor key.

Urgghh! SNSD (Girl’s Generation) extremely annoys me now. Mostly because of Tiffany’s ignorant blurbs. There were plenty, but I’ll just recap a few. The more recent one, (Credits to POPSEOUL!), and the other one I distinctly remember, when she (kind of rudely), corrected a veteran actor’s English. (I think it was some kind of singing), which is a big no-no in terms of the industry hierarchy.

But I won’t put all my annoyance on Tiffany (though it’s like 95% on her), it’s the others too, at times. Why isn’t SM Ent. doing anything, really? They should really delay their comeback (or at least cut back a few members. Who needs all 9?)

I think the Chinese audience at the SMTOWN Shanghai concert’s actions were justifiable. It’s just a show of indifference. You like? You clap, you cheer. You don’t like? Black Sea (and some X’s). That’s better than fan violence (which has already happened).

I think people these days need some kind of thought->verbal expression filter installed. At least if you’re in the (Asian) entertainment industry. (The American has pretty much tarnished it’s reputation through past years). People should know when to shut the hell up! Can’t you have at least 10 sec. to consider what it is you’re trying to say? Awkward quiet’s better than stupidity. Consider any persons you might offend. (Here’s an easy to follow code: 1-100, pretty okay. 101-1.3 billion+, no-no). Sense the serious tone!

What’s dignity and respect to a young idol, anyway? Does it not pale in comparison to beauty and attention?


September 18, 2008


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Yeah, while writing these posts, I keep believing that it projects my frustration, as an undertone. But after reading it, I don’t think it does.

So I’m extremely stressed out these days. Mostly from school, but also other stuff.

Ugh! There’s a quote that comes to mind, but I forgot how it goes. Something about how a volcano that rarely erupts will be the strongest when it does? I’m in need of an eruption. Geez! How I wish I had a punching bag right now (Metaphorically would be okay. The literal punching bag would be great, though).

It’s not really the work involved. Like I’m gonna cave in because of some work… It’s really the realization that I’m stuck in this place for years to come. The work does add on a bit too.

I’m also pissed because I suck so much at math! I’m not the logical thinker (arithmatic-wise). I can’t really do problems in my head. I don’t “see” things as easily as others. What’s incredible frustrating is that I’d taken extra classes for math! And still, other people seem to catch up, or even leave me in the dust!

I wake up every morning thinking, “When will this end???” (I’m not a morning person at all). I don’t do my work right when I get home. Sometimes, I even skip homework, or half-ass it. Especially if it’s Bio, Alg2/Trig, or English. (I have no problems with History or French. I love history!)…

I wonder if it’s some kind of peer/self-image issue. Subconsciously. Or maybe my own superiority complex issue. I did have a dream about something like that. Not being able to get valedictorian because of my height (though I was already 5’4″ in my dream. I wish I was 5’4″ now!). Or maybe it’s because I don’t have orchestra anymore, and I haven’t touched the piano for a while…

Maybe because a lot of people are asses nowadays. They change and crap like that. It’s SO predictable that obnoxious groups I know from different eras of my life would merge to form some super obnoxious group. It’s not that I care so much about them. It’s because they are barely even civil nowadays.

I think I have ulcers now from stress. Whenever I think of something I would usually just worry about, I feel this pain in my abdomen. Sometimes searing. Even for things I normally wouldn’t care so much about. “Oooh, I forgot my glasses at home!” or “Geez, more partner work in obnoxious classes” or “OMG, there’s a mile today?!?”.

Other problems also contribute to such monstrous stress issues. Like family problems, or money issues. I really am freaked out about all the stock problems now.

Okay, let me just rant about some annoying school transition issues…

Damn crowded hallways! There really should be a better system. People push and shove, and you’re subjected to grinding on the people beside you. It’s like they’re releasing hounds when the bell rings! Like administration is thinking “POW! Survival of the fittest, b*tches!” (Sorry for that, but that’s really how I think in my mind. Uncensored). I have this strong urge to kick the lagging person in front of me. Of course, at my current status, I can’t. My sister said I can do it in 4 years though! Totally looking forward to randomly kicking people without remorse. Why do people lag so much?! Stop blocking the narrow hallways with your large huddle of gossiping girls!

I hate it when people block my locker. It happens ALL the time. Since my locker is at the bottom corner of the wall of lockers. I have to dig through a mound of backpacks to get to my locker during lunch! And why do people bring their friends to their lockers!? For moral support? All they do is block my locker even more. I already have to crouch down below two other people during break to get my stuff. And they stay there, talking and talking…

I hate annoying girls that start drama. Especially those in PE with me. Ugh! They call each other offensive names casually, and yell at each other to STFU. It’s always like a fight’s about to break out (I think one did…). Such troublemakers. Who can put up with that! Plus, they wear such…gross clothes. Not fitting for their age or body shape. Things squeezing against multiple layers of hang? Who really wants to see that? Why is this age group wearing these things? Obviously not because it looks good… I must sound like some granny, but that’s really how I think. Save those clothes for home or the street corner. Why are people in such a rush to prove their “adulthood”?

Teachers really should be more fun. I know that’s a lot to ask (there are multiple perspectives of what’s considered fun). Making us sit to listen to them talk at us? That’s fine, as long as you’re making it interesting. I basically drown out all things Bio, Math, and English in class. Our history teacher is the only one who really gets it (I admire those kinds of teachers). Most teachers think fun stuff is like partner work or some lame game. Nope (most of the time). I guess it’s a subject not to be tampered with, like the natural order of life. I can’t really do anything, or expect too much of people.

It would be awesome if the N/A peeps were all together again. People are so hard to relate to nowadays…like their mindset and my mindset are on different frequencies.

Well…that REALLY helped my current stress level.

August 14, 2008

Hair Styles? All N/A members please cmmt!

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Ummm….. Hair style question?

I’m about to go get a haircut(maybe, depending on if I should or not) since I am getting so BORED with my hair. SOOO, the question today is… Should I get bangs or not?? Like, “Blunt Bangs”… Ummm.. Like Nana Kitade hair I guess. Hmmm. Or Lolita girl hair?Not too thick, yet not too thin, if y’all know what I mean. >3< So… gimme your opinions please?
I’ve already asked about 8 people: mom, dad, 3 aunts, 2 cousins, 1hairstylist. But they gave me some weird answers?
1. Well, your face is “sort of” round….(dad)
2. I think you’d look like those Japanese girls?(cousin)
Also, I FINALLY asked about my face shape too! So after asking 2 aunts and 1 hair stylist,(everyone gave the same/similar answer) my face shape is either round and heart(together) or round & diamond together. I THINK that’d go well with bangs?
LOL ❤ kkthanksbaiibaii!

August 8, 2008

Cultural Heritage & 2008 Olympics

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Wow… I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of my heritage right now(as I have always been). :’) China is doing spectaculary well, what with of the “conflict” with the other contries/nations.
This year’s Olympics are so beautiful! How they skillfully combine[d] modern and “acient” arts; with the lights and dancing. How in-step & coordinated everyone was, and just the percision of everything!

So proud, so proud. :’D
* LoL. Ralph Lauren disigned U.S.A’s uniforms/outfits.

June 7, 2008

Concern for Wonder Girl’s younger members

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First, you must know. I’m not a big fan of Wonder Girls. At first, I didn’t like them at all, but now, I’m starting to think they’re okay. To me, their voices aren’t strong enough yet. I wouldn’t say they’re relying on their image either. It’s impressive of them to sing live at their perfs. Their songs are catchy, but from what I know, they don’t take part in the writing or choreography. I’m still getting used to them. So don’t think I hate them or anything.

That said, I’d like to talk about their new single “So Hot” (if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link: A few people thought the song was conceited, BUT it’s believed that the song is actually a PARODY of the rich/famous (U.S perhaps?). I didn’t think of the MV either ways until I read other people’s comments. I think it’s a parody. Exaggerated hair-flipping, a fake dog under the arm, tripping on the red carpet, and more too. (If you’ve watched the MV, you’d know.) Anyway, the concern I’m addressing is the fact that Sohee and Sunmi are pretty young(15 and 16 respectively), and they have to promote this sexy image. It’s not in their control, so I wouldn’t even think of labeling them sluts. I believe the company could’ve toned the two’s sexiness down a bit though(like choreography, which I’ll talk about in a bit). If you’ve seen the pre-realeased images of them promoting the MV, Sohee is wearing a short dress surrounded by adult male photographers/paparazzi. Well, of course adult male papparazzi, there’s prolly not many female or kid paps out there. But when you look at the pic, sure it’s glam, but because of her age, it just feels weird, not right. Also, some believe the dance is too provocative. I don’t think it’s too provocative, that’s the concept, but only for the older members. Sohee and Sunmi still shouldn’t be dancing parts of it. The dance could’ve been choreographed so that they do other routines instead of the most provocative ones.

At first, this started as a comment under Idol Birthdays, but it grew quite long, so I turned it into a post. Below is exactly what the comment would’ve been if I had posted it.

OMFG, two of the Wondergirls are so young! Sohee’s only 15??! That new MV, “So Hot”.. what kind of image is that for a 15 year-old?! True, she IS 17 in k-age, but she’s still a kid. >:O

Interesting comment I found on YouTube: “it’s a shame to see innocent lambs, like the baby faced so hee shaking her butt like there’s no tomorrow.” This person couldn’t have summarized it more clearly or humorously. 😀
here’s anthor one: “I actually like it, but uh…anyone else see something wrong with SoHee and SunMi being “sexy” like that LOL Didn’t they just graduate middle school. LOL Hmm… ”
=O and another…: “no-no-no JYP you shouldn’t make the 15yr. old be a sex shouldn’t let her dress like that… ”
xD about Miley Cyrus?: “people in america are freaking out about miley cyrus, who’s the same age, taking “scandalous” pictures, but even she wouldn’t do a dance like this, unless she really truly wanted to break out of the tween role model status. ”

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