January 10, 2009


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I’ve just been very depressed these days. Not just the feeling of depression, but the symptoms that come along with it too: constant sickness, fatique…

There’s not one aspect of my life that is good right now:

School – I like learning, but I hate the crap that comes along with school. Too routine, too monotonous. I’ve lost the ability to have fun while learning. What ever happened to Socrate’s methods of teaching, because I’d really rather learn from him…

Period One: droll. I’m half-assing, and it’s working. A+s on my essays. But what do I really get out of it? I just really hate prompts of things I have no interest in whatsoever.

Period Two: Painful, and numbing. It’s like I’m sleeping with my eyes open. Not enjoyable.

Period Three: I’d rather be stuck in a ditch somewhere for one hour. I’d get more information about math from that than what I would get from sitting in the classroom, doodling on my notebook. Remember when math used to be somewhat fun? Or remember when teachers used to actually attempt to make us interested?

Period Four: The highlight of my day. The actual transferring of wisdom between teacher and student. You know, I truly appreciate someone who gives a crap about current events, and actually discusses it with us in class. If no teacher even bothers doing that, then how are these pupils going to fare in the real world in four years? I like being challenged.

Period Five: It’s just one hour of me cracking my knuckles to keep myself awake. Nothing more…

Period Six: Just me counting down the seconds until school ends, barely giving any effort into classwork (but still getting top scores anyway).

Family – You know where I was on my birthday? In the bathroom. Just trying to get away from my family…who doesn’t care anyway. But the thing is…they treated me worse that day, not just with indifference. I was lectured and scolded, and told to do many menial chores. I would have been fine at the ‘0’ mark (just them forgetting), but they had to take the day down to a negative.

Friends – I’m so disconnected.


January 5, 2009


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I live in a friggin scary neighborhood…

because the same thing has happened like twice now…

Once was successful…the other I’m still waiting to see if it’ll get serious soon.

And glass ALWAYS seems to break!

I’m scared…

And when I’m scared, I always get extremely nauseous…

December 1, 2008

Wednesday Meeting Rundown…

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I haven’t been on the computer lately =___=


Eggnoodle was the one planning the basics of it (like actually calling people up), but she didn’t manage to until the day of…so I was actually woken up by Celerydip’s call, asking about the meeting. Yeah, so Eggnoodle managed to confirm that it will only be 4 of us: Eggnoodle, Celerydip, Wetsponge, and me.

Since she had to pick up Celerydip and go to the supermarket, I delayed my leave for about an hour, so I actually got there by 2. Fearing that I’d be the only one there, alone with Eggnoodle’s family, I called her, but instead, heard nonsense on the other end. Then I realized that they were trying to force two phones together, so I could talk to Wetsponge on the other phone while she is at Eggnoodle’s house. Anyway, she was the only one there by the time I came. But a few minutes later, Eggnoodle and Celerydip arrived (with Pocky!).

So we helped her mom with the ingredients for sushi (only with beef). Wetsponge and I were a bit in a daze about our jobs…but in all, the ingredients were prepared. Then Celerydip, Wetsponge, and I watched Eggnoodle’s home video (Note: everyone has to present a home video to the group when the meeting’s at their house). Then we went to the assembly line of making sushi.

Eggnoodle: puts sesame oil on the sheet of seaweed

Celerydip at first, but then Shinychopstick: spreads rice evenly on sheet

Shinychopstick at first, but then Celerydip: adds beef, carrots, egg, and…the last thing cu cai.

Eggnoodle: rolls it up

Wetsponge: cuts it up into pieces

All of us: lose some revenue by eating whilst we work.

While working, we told lame jokes and stories, making us all crack up. And Eggnoodle’s brother surely helped with that, by telling his lame jokes and riddles too. One memorable part:

Celerydip: =asks why brother is eating so much=

brother: I suffer from a disease called “P-I-G”

Celerydip: you suffer from a disease called ‘P-H-D”?

Everyone: WTF!!!

brother: you suffer from a disease called “S-L-O-W”

Yeah…another memorable moment was when Celerydip didn’t get the “tied to a tree w/ candle and lion” joke, until she finally realized it like 5 minutes later and started laughing so much she cried…which made everyone else laugh to the point of tears, too.

Anyway, during the process of making the sushi, Wetsponge was anal about making the rows even…so we kept eating more to make it even…

Then we finished…and ate. Celerydip had gone crazy from all the soda, so we had to keep it away from her. Then we played a game: whoever eats the end piece of sushi (end of the row) gets slapped on the hand). Too bad we didn’t keep track of it.

We sat around after eating (I think that’s when we were telling the jokes…but oh well). The best time..

After that, we tried to do karaoke, but the system failed to work, so we just went on the computer (with hassle). Did all sorts of things…like kill our ears and waste 11 minutes of our lives…

Once that was over, we went back into the living room. Then Celerydip and Eggnoodle connected their mp3 players to speakers and started dancing. I pretty much stayed out of it =__=

Then Wetsponge left…

Then we watched TV

And then I left…

November 14, 2008


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I think me and Wetsponge have a day-to-day calendar/schedule of where the other is eating. Because we always run into each other at restaurants.

Haha! I had a feeling that I’d see her today, too! Because as soon as my dad mention “pho”, I was like…”I wonder…”

Well, many many coincidences.

November 12, 2008

The Obcessions

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Belonging to me and Wetsponge. XD

So we’ve got a new goal. Anyways, I THINK Wetsponge recently found out about Ulzzangs and Himegyarus ( I knew about them for a long time. Hence my obcession with them “Jap”/Korean people. :)) So our new goal is……….. *drumroll*

To get CIRCLE LENSES and EYELID GLUE and (make up?) and go to PHOTOSTICKER (and be amaze everyone into thinking that we’re japanese or korean celebrities!) HEHEHE! 😀 funfun! I was planning on buying circle lenses anyways. 😉 [We’re planning to go posing as ulzzangs.]





















And hime-gyarus mean “princess —–”










Actually, they’d have much more HEAVY and intricate details adorning them, but …….. yea. I love their nails! So 3-d!

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