September 17, 2008

DBSK 4th album predictions…

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I posted LOTS of updates on the old ‘DBSK 4th Album!‘ post, according to when new info and tidbits come out.

Here’s my little prediction of how fandom will react once the full album is released (percentages will overlap, so don’t think I’m dumb because it doesn’t add to 100%. It’s too unknown to know for sure):

  • 60%-80% (Large margin, sorry) of devoted fans will like the album regardless of it’s quality (which I’m sure will will awesome, anyway). They’ll like it just ’cause. IT’S DBSK FOR GOODNESS SAKES!
  • 60%-70% of devoted fans (know most/all songs and other works) will embrace their new image. (and stare at the new album pic for hours on end, fantasizing about their bodies).
  • 80%-100% will compare this album to their previous ones. (Psh…the inevitable)
  • 15%-50% (ehh…bad approximation) will criticize their new songs along the lines of melodies/harmonies/catchy-ness. Let’s hope it’s constructive criticism and not trash-talking. Some people will get violent…
  • 50%-75% will follow (keep track of) their multiple album promotions on variety shows. (Like me).

That’s all I came up with so far. Now my actual predictions of their album songs:

  • 2-4 REALLY good ballad songs. The good harmony kinds, not the boring stuff.
  • 1-3 Good slow tempo R&B songs. Kind of like “Hey! Girl” on the ‘O Jung Ban Hap’ album.
  • 2-5 Happy songs. Like “Balloons”, “You’re My Miracle”, “Love Is”…etc.
  • 1-3 Acapella songs (hopefully. 3 kind of is overeaching, though). They didn’t really have any on the ‘O Jung Ban Hap’ album. Hopefully they’ll bring it back. I just love “Always There” on ‘Rising Sun’
  • 1-2 Hilarious songs to listen to. Who does not crack up when they hear “Get Me Some”! OMG, so funny.
  • 5-6 Really good upbeat, hardcore, ultra-dance songs! I already know there’s at least two (“Mirotic” and “Hey (Don’t Bring Me Down)”). The SMP kinds (like “Rising Sun” and “O”) and the lesser, but still awesome ones (like “Dangerous Mind” and “Phantom”)

Fun stuff. Fandom is really amazing, how everyone bands together and spazzes…sharing their own experiences…

“Mirotic” single out 9.19 (in two days!!!!!!!!!!!), and “Mirotic” 4th album out 9.24 (in a week!!!!!!!!!!!)

Extra: I have a little daydream concept of what will happen next Wednesday for me. It’s a daydream, so it’s ridiculous. (Note: I can’t go straight on the computer in the morning)

This takes place at 2:40 PM, just before school ends… I’m at the edge of my seat

Me: -twitch-…-twitch-

Someone else: what’s wrong with you?

Me: -in a strange voice- DBSK 4th album…need to go online…DBSK!

Someone else: AGH! DBSK!?!?! I FORGOT! I need to get online too!

(People overhear conversation. Start talking about it)

Bell Rings

Overlapped voices: OUT OF MY WAY! DBSK!

(More people start to join in the bull rush to the exits)

Me: Oh crap! No time! I won’t get my books from my locker. Have to make the sacrifice… -shoves more people-

(Almost near the exit, except it’s now blockaded by the rush of people)

Sudden voice from crowd: U-KNOW YUNHO OPPA!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!

Another sudden voice: ME TOO! JUNSU OPPA!!!


Me: Hehehe…no one said anything about Jaejoongie yet…

Rachelle (sorry to include you in this): Jaejoong!

Me: Oh no she did not! -pounces and leaps over people…finally getting to the exit, gets into car and rushes mom/sister to go home-

When I finally get online…nosebleed. (Not the sick kind! Just from all the effort it took to get home. Don’t be all pervy…)


August 21, 2008

Summer & Sewing

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Summer is almost over! No more long days of napping, over eating, & watching t.v….. oh the good old days.
So for the last 1-2 weeks, I’ve been sewing! I’ve always loved to sew, whether it be Barble clothes or accessories for them, but I was just never really committed to it, since it IS A LONG and TEDIOUS process.
Anyways, I’ve made 3 things so far. You guys might be thinking, “WHAT? ONLY 3 THINGS IN 1-2 WEEKS??!!?!?!” But it’s not like that. Each “creation” was ALL sewn by HAND, since I couldn’t find the foot paddle thing for the sewing machine & each piece has very intricate details and etc.
Thing that i’ve made(so far):
-A plaid lacely heart piece, which I’ve sewn onto the sleeve of my black jacket; wearing my heart on my sleeve!(lame joke.Haha!)

-A little sheer ribbon-y pouch for my beloved iPod. Its new nest. Its old “nest” was a Chanel sleeve, which was for a compact. 😛 Hardest thing to make, since it was so small and I was adding too many little details to it. >~-<

-A tote bag! This one was a bit more challenging(the background story for this one is…. weird?) . I had to make it EXTRA presentable & “cute”. I’m almost done with it! Just need to add the straps! ~

-NEWEST ONE!(8/21-8/22) A belated birthday present for Anderson!
I’ve decided to try and attempt to make the DOMO DOMO stuffed animal!! 😀 keke! I gave him hints, saying that it was BROWN & stuff, so he was like, WTF!?!? You’re sewing me poop?!?! Haha, hilarious!!

** All of these creations has a background story to it; where I got the fabric and whatnot. REALLY hope that you guys can see it! Maybe my presents for you guys will start being hand made! Haha! Dont worry, they’ll still look good! 😉

August 5, 2008

Haiku(s) I wrote today…

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Yes, I’m learning poetry in class (which I like). One of our assignments today was to write 3 haiku poems within 20 minutes. I finished within 5, because I had the ideas in my head as soon as it was assigned. I’ll share them. (Remember that they’re 3 lines. Syllables 5-7-5)THEY ARE PURELY MINE! NO COPYING! NO REPRODUCTION! If you are to reference them, please use the link to the post, and state the author (Shinychopstick @ WordPress).

Basic ones I wrote:


Gently interweave

Creating a harmony

Of voices in air.

(c) Shinychopstick @ WordPress


Inflated, rising,

Drifting slowly in the sky;

A released balloon.

(c) Shinychopstick @ WordPress

My favorite. It’s ambiguous, there are many ways to interpret it. I’ll try to explain some.


Blood that drips slowly

Causes ravenous thirst in

Civilized monsters.

(c) Shinychopstick @ WordPress

Okay. Meaning ONE: It’s related to Twilight, which is the first reason why I thought of it. Remember that they’re civilized in society. Even one drop will cause thirst. Dripping slowly has the effect of temptation. “Monsters” is pretty on the surface. Meaning TWO: Psycho killers. They’re usually the people we least expect. They fit right into society, which is why it’s “civilized”. The fact that they’re killers makes them “monsters”. They crave death. They crave blood. They thirst for it. Meaning THREE: Closet masochist. Yes, in public, they’re normal. At home, they’re like a whole different person. They want pain, “blood”.

Yeah, just some of the ways I saw it.

I’ll try to write more.

June 20, 2008

Room 4

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An ode to Room 4… (doesn’t have to rhyme)

Room 4, you were the thing that started it all.

You brought us together, people separated

And joined us

Through ridiculous activities.

We’ll always remember:

The coins we threw at you

In the beginning of the year,

The posters we’ve accidentally torn down

and drawn on,

The smushing of us on your benches

trying to push each person off,

The lunches we’ve eaten in front of you

and how we’ve tried to leave no trash,

The stupid games we’ve played

like red-light, green-light and “catch the mouse”,

The deep and insightful conversations

that we shared

like the “would you rather”.

Oh, how you’ve been there

through our fun and turmoil.

Though we tend to forget and ignore you

You’ve played a vital role

in establishing our group.

February 22, 2008

Shinychopstick~Love is N/A – HamtaroMax

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Sorry for the delay, there have been things higher up on the priority scale. Anyway, enjoy!

HamtaroMax was walking home from school one day.

When he suddenly found a teddy bear on the sidewalk.

He hesitated picking it up, for who knows what lie beneath all the fluff

but he couldn’t deny that it was adorable.

So he picked it up, and found a note behind the bow.

“A true gentlemen, you are blessed. Keep me safe and be rewarded. Deny me shelter and fear for your life.”

His left eye twitched as he read this. What should he do.

All he could do was bring it home. What could possibly happen?

For the next few days, he kept it on the top shelf of his bookcase. What could happen there? HamtaroMax minded his own business. His own love life, which was gradually getting better. Valentine’s Day was a day away.

One day, he came home and glanced up at the top shelf, but the bear was missing. Where could it be?

He scrambled around the house looking for it. He asked his mom, and found out that she had donated it.

He thought about it. It would seem likely that wherever it was was safe, not that he actually believed the note.

So the next day, Valentine’s Day, he happily went to school. He was sure to get lots of Valentines. People just adore him.

When he suddenly almost got hit by a car on the way. After that, attacked by a dog. Then, stepped in gum.

School wasn’t that great either. So far, people have been ignoring him.

He watched as others received gifts and candy, while he had nothing.

He walked home from school, when he noticed that a group of what seems to be a gang holding the teddy bear. They were basically torturing it.

Spraying cologne on it. Putting bandanas. Wiping food stains.

HamtaroMax stared in horror. He needed to retrieve it in order to keep his life normal.

So he ran up to them and grabbed the bear.

Then he sprinted away, them chasing on the skateboards.

Finally he had reached his house. He was safe here.

For the rest of the day, he cleaned the bear and made it a bear-house. He was surely not going to lose it now.

The next day, he received a couple of late-Valentines from people who said that they “ran out”

But best of all, he was asked out by the girl that he liked.

[The End]

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