July 29, 2012


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I hereby declare this wordpress dead.

Yes, it is unfortunate, but none of us can maintain it any longer. It is useless to keep holding out hope that one of us will post a super interesting post in the future.

But this wordpress had babies before it died.

Shinychopstick @ livejournal: continues to write fangirly // informal posts about k-pop, k-dramas, j-pop, j-dramas, random rambles. Updates: frequent

Angelurmasekur @ wordpress: seems to be writing reviews/beauty tips & etc. Updates: Somewhat frequent

Tochifu @ livejournal: so far has listed drama titles. Updates: rarely

Deergoatsheep @ livejournal.: seems to write about regular life. Updates: Occasional.

It’s sad that we couldn’t keep this one alive much longer. Pulling the plug. Bye~

(but if one of the N/A wanted to add more, then I guess they can. If we want to continue w/ the N/A then I’d rather make a ljcomm…)


January 6, 2009

N/A Lotto!

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Everyone can participate (w/out the pesky cost of tickets…)

My calculator has this “problem simulator”, which allows it to do things like draw cards, roll dice, flip coins, pick marbles, and pick random numbers…

Thus, I will use the random numbers to pick 6 numbers (one counts as  the mega) 1-60 every week on Sunday.

That means you have to pick your 5 numbers (and a mega) and post it here by Saturday.

You have to get at least 3 numbers to win something. (I’m still thinking on the prize…).

I’m thinking of “N/A moolah”…the more you win, the less you have to pay when we all go out together (which means everyone else has to chip in more to finish off your share). Still, we don’t have to do that.

We could always just do it for random points…and have a continuous contest to see who has the most.

3 matches: 10

4 matches: 25

5 matches: 50

Mega: 2

Okay, you guys have to comply to this first, so I know if I should make another post for this week’s draw. Different post each week…


December 27, 2008

Help me paint my new room~

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Soon, but not yet. Sometime in mid-January!

Haha, it’ll be fun.

As long as you guys don’t screw up my room….the consequences for that would be dire.

December 25, 2008

Important! New Year’s Eve Sleepover~

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My house, like last year!

Just a nice “hang-out” day…

Those who can sleep over, can. Just make sure you get permission (and my parents will make sure you did…). Those who can’t, try. If not, we can still hang out during the day!

The number of people expected to sleep over has been reduced to half, so I think I’ll cancel the actual “sleeping over” portion… We’ll just hang out during the day.

All N/A!

Agenda includes:

  • Talking, catching up
  • Karaoke! (maybe) – Celerydip
  • Cooking (maybe bake cakes, lessons from mom…)
  • Eating  (definitely!)
  • Watching movies/stand-up comedy (new flat-screen’s there for a reason 🙂
  • Twister! (as suggested by Celerydip)
  • Count-down to 2009!
  • Draw on the person who sleeps first (Crowning champ of 2008: Celerydip)
  • Play w/ dogs and such… (though the wet-dog smell sucks…)
  • Music (loudness has to take place in the garage, unfortunately)
  • Dancing (for the select few who choose to)
  • Sleeping (probably in the living room)
  • Gift exchange (for those who haven’t had the chance yet)
  • Scary story time!

That’s all so far…

Things you could bring:

  • Fun games
  • Movies
  • Karaoke
  • Food
  • Essentials (toothbrush, extra clothes)

Attire: Comfortable house clothes, PJs!

Start time: Around 1-2PM New Year’s Eve

End time: Whatever time it takes to wake up, eat, get ready

Okay! Make sure you plan ahead!

December 21, 2008

N/A Christmas Meeting

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So far, planned to be on Tuesday. Wednesday seems fine too. << Now Wednesday!!!

Location discussed was also at my house. Reasons…err….new plasma screen TV and a decorated Christmas tree, both in the living room.

Bring: movies, board games, food.

That’s all so far.

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