October 9, 2008

Jojo Jam Rundown

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Haha! So effin fun! Awesome! (also check out the performers’ myspaces for their songs, as I’m going to list them out)

So it started around 6:45 in the morning (I know…). So I had to wake up extra early at 5-ish to pick up Eggnoodle too.

There was a line when we got there!

It was in the football stadium, so we all had to stand around the stage. Lucky for me and Eggnoodle, we were near the front. Whooo!!!

Then there was waiting. And shoutouts to Ryan Seacrest on the radio! Yarrr!!! It was so friggin loud. My ears were numb (everything became muffled). People also freaked the hell out when they were throwing freebies, like pom poms, hats, shirts, bags. People are so damn mean! They like nearly fight for those and cuss each other out.

It actually started at 6:45. There was Jojo on the radio~~! And Fat Daniel~~! And DJ Drew~~! And Carly from the block~~! Don’t tell me you don’t know these peeps! I listen to the radio so much. I love them! They’re so hilarious. (Haha, Fat Daniel kept joking about how he’ll streak on our football stadium).

Prima J performed first (they really are pretty girls). OMG, their male backup dancers…Every girl was freaking freaking out! (Haha, they were good-looking. Especially the asian guy!). They performed like 2-4 songs, I think. I’m not so sure about the titles. There was “Rockstar”, “Corazon” (upbeat ver.), and some dance track? OMG, the dancing was AWESOME!

Haha, then Fat Daniel, and Carly came out again. Talking about how hot the backup dancers were! Every girl was like “YEAHH~~!!!” It was so friggin loud! The guys were like “BOOO!!!” Fat Daniel was like, “Maybe some of these girls still need a prom date.” =LOOUUDDD CHEEEEER= Carly: “Or Homecoming Dance.” =LOOUUDD CHEEEER=. Then they asked who the rival school was, and everyone was all yelling “RAANNCCHOOOO!!!!!”. Then they were like “Rancho? RANCHO!?!” and everyone was like “BOOOO!!!”. Then Carly asked, “Rancho’s goin’ down?” =LLOOOUUUUD CHHEEEEER= “Because the seniors…” =LOUD CHEER=. Then they asked who the star quarterback was. And it was this guy in my Alg2/Trig class. And we started chanting his name. “Pressure’s on you, man. It’s all you.” How awesome is that?

Jojo comes out again in his awesome slick suit and cap. SLICK! Loud chants of his name… He introduces One Block Radius!!! =CHANTS OF “OBR! OBR!”=. Then he sings the “You got me…” part of the song. Not a lot of people knew the lyrics though. He goes, “I know you guys are in a rush to get to math” and everyone goes “NOOOO!!!” Hehe, he’s like “Math is so much fun. I love it.” Then OBR comes out and it’s so friggin hectic and loud. People were pushing like hell! These guys next to me were so hilarious, grooving the hell out. They performed “We On”,  “Shoplifta”, and “You Got Me”. Rapping and grooving is awesome. They also talked to the crowd and stuff. DJ DREW~~~! They also moved off the platform to the lucky people right by the stage. LUCKY!!! (You can check out their video at GGHS on their myspace! Taken from the stage)

The next part is so funny. Fat Daniel and Carly ask for the best guy and girl dancer of our school. And a whole bunch of people volunteer themselves. But two seniors were the ones that actually came up. And “Get Low” is playing! And of course everyone sings along! Who doesn’t know the lyrics? The guy’s in ASB! Haha! The funniest thing ever. Carly asks, “Do you know how to get down?” and he says, “I get down.” And he takes off his shirt!!! Outer shirt. And Fat Daniel says, “I’m a little scared. Then he dances…pretty good. Actually managed to breakdance! Then the girl comes up and freaks. She shakes her booty and stuff, and Fat Daniel’s like, “Oh! I’m tellin your mama!”

Fat Daniel and Carly stay up there, and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” comes on and everyone sings! And the moves they do are so funny too. And Danity Kane’s “Damaged” plays and of course everyone’s still singing. But those two crack the hell up when people do the stuttering part right on, too! “A-A-A-Are you…”.

Jojo comes out again to introduce Metro Station!!! He’s like, “I think we’re gettin close to lunch!” Him and Fat Daniel do the randomest air guitar. And Fat Daniel’s like, “Jojo, you look kinda hot today. I’m not gonna lie.” Then they prepare the instruments and stuff. Jojo’s like “act surprised” since there’s no curtain to cover it. Haha. And this chick in the audience goes “I just saw them come out” and everyone flips the hell out! Even Jojo, who’s jumping up and down. And after a few minutes of waiting. Metro Station!!! Trace Cyrus! He was wearing a black&white striped wifebeater. Showing a whole lot of tattoos! They’re like “Damn, it’s early.” LoL. The first song they played was “Control”. Only thing was Trace’s mic was all weird next to the speaker, so we could barely hear his voice! It was so deafening then. My ears were so about ready to burst. Trace jumps around a lot! They so rocked out on the guitars! Then they played another song, but damn! I forgot the title! Ugh, then this girl with her poster blocked my view. Then they’re like “WHAT SONG DO YOU WANNA HEAR?!?!?!” And everyone was SCREAMING, “SHAKE IT!!!!!” And so they did! And everyone was singing along to compensate for their sh*tty mics. Such a great time! OMG! Trace Cyrus threw his guitar pick and some water bottle caps that he drank from into the audience! And one landed so close to me but people are so effin vicious!!!

And then Jojo comes back out to close the show. And the bell rings =___= And I was sort of late to first period, but who cares.


October 3, 2008


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KIIS FM is coming to GGHS~! On Thursday, I believe.

I just heard it on the announcements after the bell rang!

“Hear ye, hear ye…blah blah blah”

Jojo on the radio~

and Metro Station is going to perform!

Ahh!!! So excited.

And Sushiroll, since I know you really like them, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and videos to show you! (Though I think it’ll end up on Youtube anyway). Aww…I hope there’ll be an autograph opportunity. If only I got the Onerepublic one last year :(…

September 22, 2008

Our lips, they..

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A drab morning, Infatuation came into the homeroom. We didn’t say anything to eachother; I kind of felt down because of that. The class was on the way to acing the Viet Test. To be honest, it was really easy. (Oh thank God for knowing the symbols! Took Viet class a few years ago, where my aunt taught at.) But you know, I felt like I failed it. ANYWAY!

As the bell rang for 2nd period, I was packing up my stuff. Since he sat in the row in front of me, he went out my way. He waited ‘in line’ since the exit was packed, and as I looked up to him, he finally responded. You know how you pretend to hit people on their head with your binder? Yeah, you do! (Or you should..) He went “pow!” jokingly, while doing that motion with his books. That brightened it up a little, but..

We skip to 4th period- SWIMMING. I figured, I really can’t swim lol. I can, but I come up for air and I STILL swallow the water. Ah well. Vy (who I sit next to in Viet, and who introduced me to Him) didn’t swim– she was sick with the cold, so I stuck around with a few other friends.

Lunch time is bittersweet. I didn’t want to hang around the west grass area (sophomores– William, Linda, and there’s Chanel and some other freshmen I dunno), so Melissa and I walked around. We got a sack lunch, and ate while walking. I threw mine after the first bite (selfish and wasteful, I know.. but.. I don’t know. I’m not usually like this– I LOVE SANDWICHES!), after seeing Infatuation hang out with his friends. I didn’t know who he was with though, but a group of girls and a guy or two. High school just felt really lonely right then and there.

..After a bit, we walked back to where he hung. Apparently, Vy was there! YES! Felix too! YESSSSS. (We hadn’t talked much, but I felt awful for what I’d done.. there was a need to be his friend. x_x;) So we chimed in. I looked kind of down, so he and Felix cheered me up. And what do you know?

His lips and mine, they..



No, just kidding LOLOL. Anyhow.

I got a hug from him. HIM!! And after that, we did pinky promises, joked around, and I met his friends. You’re thinking, “WTF? PINKY PROMISES? What the hell..?”

Well, guess what. I didn’t know what to do.

 They were all really nice– girls! Really welcoming, too. And from then on, Melissa and I’d hang then and there; with Vy, Felix, Infatuation, Tran, and some others.

A catch though: I think Vy also takes an interest in the Infatuation. DUNDUNDUN! She told him to cut it out after we kept touching. NOT THE WRONG WAY, god you guys. Stop right there.


But all is well. All I want, at least, is to be his friend, and have a perfectly happy HS life. YES I FINISHED. And I beat around the bush. But you know, thanks for reading. If you guys bothered to..


P.S. If my English teacher were to assign us to write a page of our lives every day– A journal– I’d totally fill up ten, haha.. 😛

September 21, 2008

A Crushed Crush

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So for anyone and everyone that know about Quang and my bible school, you know that i “liked” him because of his looks. Well, we were reunited today at the return of Bible and my cousin pointed him out to me. I was in complete shock after we got to class and he sat about 2-3 chairs away from me, but sideways so i could still see him and he was facing me and could see me from the side. He cut his hair. :O:O:O:O He looks so CHINESE/ASIAN. Pointy eyes, pursed mouth, and weird hair. It was too short and spiky. His reason was: “Because the sides were…..flippy? and I didn’t like it.” I overheard him saying so to his seat partner/friend. :O:O Oh, and I found out that he could/can drive! Not sure if he needs to drive with an adult or not but yea. I was in a state of shock and started to…laugh. I went “crazy” and my cousin started laughing. I was like,” I’M CUTTING OFF ALL TIES WITH HIM! EWWW! ” UGH. WHYYY?!?! I hope Kenny Tong doesn’t cut off his hair, and if he does he won’t turn out like Quang did. OMG.  HAHAA. I WAS (really)  looking forward to seeing him again though. He’s so tall and skinny and “skater” type. 😦 Oh well!

September 20, 2008

Funny and Embarassing Things to Report?

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So today (9/19/08) in 6th period, we had to get into groups of 6 and present our democracy collages and then in the end choose one that we like the best out of the 6. So I “won”, and the teacher called our group, so I told her that my poster was too big since it was about 3/4 of an actual large poster board, maybe even bigger than 3/4! So then Brandon Tran(drummer) ask,” Why is your paper so big?”……. A few seconds past by, but not long enough for it to be awkward and so I just “randomly blurt out”,” Because I like BIG THINGS? I don’t know!” Not sure if I said I don’t know at the end or not but yea. I seriously didn’t think of my answer, i just knew that i HAD TO ANSWER BACK! SO THEN THE WHOLE CLASS HEARD IT ( I guess they were waiting for my response too, even though I thought it was only between me and him) AND EVERYONE STARTED LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY. Christy was like, I didn’t know you were like that ——.!~ *smirks* …… HAHAHA! At frist I felt  KIND OF embarassed but after a few seconds or minutes got over it. 😀


2nd story happened last week? Yea. So in bio. with my old teacher before i switched teachers,  we had finished our stuff early since we were watching a movie because of a sub. We started to stray onto the subject of school, clubs, etc. Then comes upon the subject of Wilderness Club. I once again “blurt out” ,” I CAN’T GO BECAUSE MY DAD THINKS/BELIEVES THAT I’M GONNA LOSE MY VIRGINITY THERE!”……. I meant it the other way around, of someone stealing MY VIRTUE. THE WHOLE CLASS WENT LIKE, HUH FOR HALF A SECOND THEN ……idk. I just started to laugh a lot out of embarrassment and just out of stupidity? Haha, but I guess they interpretted it the wrong way. Once again, a little embarassment but got over it quickly. haha.


Prettty funny!~

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