Idol Birthdays in Order!

List of cool people…by age. So we can remember when to recognize their birthdays. Also, it seems interesting to compare one another’s. Add whoever you want. Requests welcome! (< but sorry, we don’t add everyone’s requests.) For help finding a name/date: hold keys, “CTRL” and press “F”.

(go to Shinychopstick’s livejournal for more recent updates on her adds)



  1. eggnoodle said,

    wow… impressive.
    and yes, it IS interesting to compare their birthdays!
    i added a lot to the calendar on my phone!

  2. sushiroll said,

    daniel radcliff
    birthday-i dont know, but i shall add!

  3. shinychopstick said,

    Okay, added a lot more! BUT noticed some things

    please stick to the format, because it takes forever skimming through to change it. the format is for comparison. it looks better as an overview



    ____, __ __ – _______ (______)

    also remember spacing and capitalization. double check before you save!

    if they are in more than one band, then put (_____ and _____) with spaces!

    sidenote: I was considering adding Wonder Girls…but, no thank you. I’m not desperate for a huge list.

  4. Wet Sponge said,

    who is Son Yeh Jin?

    we share the same birthday!

  5. sushiroll said,

    1980, July 22 – Tablo (Epik High)

    the same birfday as me!
    i’d like a pic too ploxx! :0

  6. shinychopstick said,

    Son Yeh Jin – actress. She’s in alot of good movies. I suggest “The Classic”. You might cry. [[]]

    Tablo – awesome! part of Epik High. Good rapping, about deep things…not irrelevant things like clubs and dancing. In the picture, he’s the one in the middle in the picture [[]]

  7. shinychopstick said,

    Ah! NO!!! HANNAH MONTANA! I scrolled down and that’s the last thing I saw =___=

  8. Dongbaru said,

    What about Wonder Girls Sunm,Sunye, Yeheun, Yoobin and Sohee.
    Haha, I’m older than all the 92er idols ^^

  9. shinychopstick said,

    Hah…sorry, I’m not a big Wonder Girls fan, (although I contemplated adding them). I’ll add them now :]

  10. shinees said,

    Can you please add:

    1989, October 11 — Henry Lau from Super Junior M

    and since there are japanese artists:

    Hey Say BEST (Part of Hey! Say! JUMP)
    1990, January 31 — Kota Yabu (age 19)
    1990, March 26 –Yuya Takaki (age 18)
    1990, June 22 — Kei Inoo (age 18)
    1990, December 2 –Hikaru Yaotome (age 18)
    1991, April 15 –Daiki Arioka (age 17)

    Hey Say 7 (Part of Hey Say JUMP)
    1993, April 1 –Keito Okamoto (age 15)
    1993, May 9 –Ryosuke Yamada (age 15)
    1993, August 10 –Yuto Nakajima (age 15)
    1993, November 30 –Yuuri Chinen (age 15)
    1995, April 6 –Ryutaro Morimoto (age 13)

    just to make everything fair? =D thanks for your efforts!! it’s amazing!! i love the whole chart; everyones b-day is soo much easier to find! THANK YOU!!!!!! *bows*

  11. shinychopstick said,

    Wow! I thought barely anyone appreciated my efforts! So thanks~ This page is like…my precious child… (whoa…crazy talk?). I’m happy.

    And yes, I would like more input on Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, all kinds of music groups! It’s just that I, myself, don’t follow them as much as I would like.

  12. shinees said,

    Thanks for adding them =) haha yeaa, people probably use this page but don’t comment on it. You have made life soo much easier. Otherwise, wikipedia would have a LOT of visitor just looking for b-days xD wiki would have a server breakdown =p jk thanks again ^,^

  13. step said,

    whow..if I were in the list..I’d be 4th to the last..
    I just love how yuto is older than me and yuri younger ^_^
    *punyi puyni!!*

  14. yayafickle said,

    Hey……Please check Jang Wooyoung’s birthday again. It should be on 30 April 1989.

  15. yayafickle said,

    I think u added the wrong one for Jang Wooyoung’s birthday because as I saw most of his fans greeted him on youtube, it’s on 30 April 1989

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