Profile: Wetsponge

Name: Wetsponge (formerly Banh Beo)

(젖는 갯솜)

Year of the: Rooster/Dog

Hierarchy position: Third eldest

Persona: The blunt twiggy, the one that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is

Part in group: Keeps everybody in check with what’s normal, and definitely says when things are weird

Goal in life: America’s Next Top Model. [jkeed….]

Can’t live without: Junk Food [it makes me happy]

Doesn’t mind getting rid of: my mom

Short “Bio”

Um, I don’t know what to say, so I’ll just list random stuff about myself. Ok, I first want to mention that I am pretty tall for most girls my age and have earned myself the reputation as “that tall girl” around school [at least for people that don’t know me]. I like to consider myself smart, but you can judge for yourself. I’m really into music, but, of course, who isn’t? I have multiple personalities so I’ll try to list and describe them.

At Home-

When I’m at home, I’m a bitch. I like to scream at random moments. The only person I get along with is my brother, and yet I still get pissed at him sometimes. I also keep to myself more, a lot more quiet than normal. But when I get hyper, I go all out. Jumping around, kicking at the couch, throwing pillows. Yep….

With Family-

When I say “family life” I mean how I act around people in my extended family, like my cousins. So, I’m still more quiet than around my friends, but I still talk. I act all cheeky, like all “smart-alecky” [or so my cousins say] because I’m usually the only girl when I hang out with them. Also, they seem to think I’m like a super-nerd or something, so I just act the part.

With Friends-

Oh man…….. how do I even begin? Around my friends, I just…… act like weird, but normal [so it’s like I’m weird compared to other people, but I’m normal compared to my friends]. I’m really honest, but only with my friends, they don’t even have to be close friends, though. I don’t know… there’s so much more, but I’ll just leave it there.


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