Profile: Sushiroll[z]

Name: Sushirollz (초밥 목록)Year of the: Dog

Hierarchy position: Fourth eldest

Persona: is the hyperactive one in the group, yet has a serious composure deep inside.Has hidden potential :]

Part in group: One who brings up odd subjects and perks up everyone

Goal in life: To become a successful pediatrician

Can’t live without: Pepsi and sushi

Doesn’t mind getting rid of: All the evil in the world


Short “Bio”

Sushiroll. A perfectionist who has yet to live up to that name.She is quite random, but is there for her friends when needed. she’s tall, the second tallest in the group,but no intimidation intended.She can talk to fill up the rainbow! LOL.A picky person who has had goals since she has born.Her addictions are unhealthy,& she is —–but you’ll learn to see past the “happy” &”perky” shell;it’s just there for protection against the outside world.She’s creative,but not concieted.She’s defensive,hot tempered,prissy,and “beethy” when you first meet her,but aafter a while, the wall will dissolve. ^_____& CRIMSON,GOLD,BLUE<33 talk to her to love her even more. JKEEED


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  1. sushirollz said,

    wiat ,is it hierachy in the group or family?

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