Profile: Shinychopstick

Name: Shinychopstick

(빛나는 젓가락)

Year of the: Chicken/Dog

Hierarchy position: Second eldest (yet most mature)

Persona: The sinister, yet warm person.

Part in group: Takes care of organization, planning. Makes stories. Segues conversations.

Goal in life: To move to South Korea and become a music producer (what a likely chance)

Can’t live without: books, internet, mp3 player, piano, k-pop

Doesn’t mind getting rid of: ignorance


Short “Bio”

The creator… ahh, the first introduction. How refreshing. For those who don’t know, shinychopstick is the equivalent of an evil mastermind, though not quite as evil. She is quite opinionated. Knows when things are good, poor, etc. PLUS she has a cold demeanor, but once the shell is broken, you will find that she is more human than you had previously believed! Her favorite things in life: reading, watching television, asian dramas, listening to music, playing the piano, and lots more. Actually you will also notice that she is quite demented in her ways, even if she doesn’t show it. Learn to know her.


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  1. celerydip said,

    warm…ahem..yet i’m considered mean

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