Profile: Littlefluteplayer

Name: Littlefluteplayer (적은 플루트 선수)

Year of the: Dog

Hierarchy position: youngest

Persona: The slacker?, lazy type but has funny things to say

Part in group: eye candy…(just kidding), starts conversations about something weird that’s happened most of the time

Goal in life: [Needs editing!]

Can’t live without: manga & shorts

Doesn’t mind getting rid of: [Needs editing!]


Short “Bio”

Ahhhh YOOOOO. Lol I’m really shy with people at first, but I go crazy once I know them. Uhhhh. I’m not really a fan of sports, so I’m really lazy >.< *thinking thinking* GAHHH I’m a gamer and I LOVE ANIME. Don’t ask me what’s my favorite cuz there’s too many to sort out. o.o I get really picky with food. Don’t think I’m stupid cuz I’m lazy. I’m actually pretty smart but still I’m a lazy @ss xD. Really loving music; it makes my world revolve. Friends? I gots plenty. Lol I don’t know what to say, so I’ll end it here. Oh yeah. And I’m bi.

edited (somewhat) by eggnoodle. (-_-) eh. it’s his style. i just tidied it up. )


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  1. eggnoodle said,

    “eye candy…”
    That totally cracked me up 100%!!
    I laughed/screamed so loud, my brother was like “[real name],wtf?!”
    Ahh, Choppy, you’re so funny!

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