Profile: Eggnoodle

Name: Eggnoodle

(계란으로 만든 국수)

Year of the: Dog

Hierarchy position: Second youngest

Persona: The positive glue, though slightly slow in life

Part in group: Pretty talkative…Mood-maker or atmosphere-creator?! Idk, really.. ^^

Goal in life: Work in Korea. as something. To get out of California once and for all.

Can’t live without: Food and wataah. (Lol, sorry about that, I was in the mood)

Wants to get Doesn’t mind getting rid of: my glasses and get contacts!!


Short “Bio”

My “name” is Eggnoodle! I chose this name because I am a little skinny. My skin is a little dark. I love egg noodles and it’s asian-y, which also correlates with “shinychopstick”. What a good name. Hahaha. I might talk a bit much at times. Anyway, I am a happy person! I usually look at the good side of people, unless they’re just so GRRR that I have no choice but to dislike them. If people do small annoying things that, well, annoy me, I can control my anger. But if it gets too be too much, I would do something about it. Luckily, there haven’t been too many situations like this. Mm.. what else… Well, just know that I am me, that I don’t impersonate anybody to make myself seem better. You’ll get to know me through this blog, because I have my own opinions, expressed through my own words. Didn’t think I could be serious, did you? =]


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