Once upon a time, a group of people at school, some we knew more than others, started befriending one another. The rest was history.Shinychopstick – the evil mastermind in a way who comes up with innovative ideas. Most of these posts will most likely be hers.

Eggnoodle – the “maybe too optimistic” self-proclaimed nerd. definitely has an opinion.

Banh Beo/Wet Sponge – the “maybe too blunt” person, but reasonable.

Celery Dip – the violent-ish tomboy who sort of overdoes things.

SushiRoll – the happy abercrombie freak, who may be too hyper at times

To “Chi” Fu – the quiet one with almost no input

Littlefluteplayer – the random-ish weird person that needs some grooming, who doesn’t play the flute anymore =__=

DeerGoatSheep – the… (add something shiny!)

Names and descriptions open to revisions!



  1. awaitingtheday said,


    Heh, I found you guys!

    ..But I don’t know how to join. Hmm. To wordpress!~

  2. celery dip said,

    hello i feel so out of place since my name is totally not asian. can i be like wasabi, bok choy or something? so this is a really cool website but gimme pw!

  3. sushirollz said,


  4. sushirollz said,


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