July 29, 2012


Posted in Group Announcements at 9:49 pm by shinychopstick

I hereby declare this wordpress dead.

Yes, it is unfortunate, but none of us can maintain it any longer. It is useless to keep holding out hope that one of us will post a super interesting post in the future.

But this wordpress had babies before it died.

Shinychopstick @ livejournal: continues to write fangirly // informal posts about k-pop, k-dramas, j-pop, j-dramas, random rambles. Updates: frequent

Angelurmasekur @ wordpress: seems to be writing reviews/beauty tips & etc. Updates: Somewhat frequent

Tochifu @ livejournal: so far has listed drama titles. Updates: rarely

Deergoatsheep @ livejournal.: seems to write about regular life. Updates: Occasional.

It’s sad that we couldn’t keep this one alive much longer. Pulling the plug. Bye~

(but if one of the N/A wanted to add more, then I guess they can. If we want to continue w/ the N/A then I’d rather make a ljcomm…)