March 1, 2009


Posted in Random Question at 7:10 pm by shinychopstick

A new random quiz to test the people of the N/A (to see who actually pays attention to our wordpress).

  1. What is the closest object to your left hand right now?
  2. Right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous?
  3. Dayquil or Nyquil?
  4. Where is your backpack? Opened or closed?
  5. How many pencils are in your backpack?

My answers:

  1. Hairbrush
  2. striving to be ambidextrous… (and I’m pretty close to the writing part).
  3. Dayquil
  4. On the floor next to me, opened, messed up
  5. 2


  1. angelurmasekur said,

    1.CHAOKOH Coconut juice with pulp
    @.Ambidextrous? Ok, it’s weird. Everything that i do besides writign is with my left hand, befoside curling/straightening my hair( some reason i can’t). I can however, write with my left hand, just not as neatly as my right hand, because i don’t practice.
    3. I’ve never tried. O-O
    4. Next to my right leg. It’s a Hollister tote. Idk. 2? Hugeee pencil case!

  2. Anonymous said,

    lol, i found out through sushiroll.

    1. the keyboard.
    2. right handed
    3. both!
    4. on my chair, the front puch is open, but the other one is closed.
    5. exactly one

  3. tochifu said,

    1. ipod
    2. right-handed
    3. neither
    4. opened on the floor, by the couch
    5. Three

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