February 5, 2009

Attentive vs. Distracted schedule

Posted in Daily Life at 7:13 pm by shinychopstick

Wake-up: Very dead….feeling uncomfortable, woozy. No one else is awake. Depressed

0 Period: Slightly attentive, because of the cold. Eyes feel uncomfortable and baggy.

1 Period: Distracted. Not listening. Sorta read. Blah.

2 Period: Totally distracted. Constant zoning out. Teacher is just….boring.

3 Period: Eating, and only attentive towards eating. Distracted from note-taking.

4 Period: Very attentive, most of the time. Less interested in tedious work.

5 Period: Attentive, just bored (for now).

6 Period: Attentive only for classwork, not lectures. Very sleepy and gross-feeling. Want to go home.

Home: Very distracted from hw.


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  1. eggnoodle said,

    now you know how i feel.
    ha ha ha.

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