December 30, 2008

Random fact

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I’m not going to do several like Wetsponge, but I just wanted to tell y’all this.


I like LOVE to eat Baby food. 🙂 Gerber’s Graduates. ^-^



December 29, 2008

Random Fact About Wetsponge #2

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Butter is one of the best things that have happened to me.  YUM.

December 27, 2008

Help me paint my new room~

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Soon, but not yet. Sometime in mid-January!

Haha, it’ll be fun.

As long as you guys don’t screw up my room….the consequences for that would be dire.

Random Fact About Wetsponge #1

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Despite what happens in movies, I actually like getting socks and underwear for Christmas.  Mostly because the ones I get from my family are actually nice  looking, not “tighty-whities” or plain white tube socks. :]

December 25, 2008

Important! New Year’s Eve Sleepover~

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My house, like last year!

Just a nice “hang-out” day…

Those who can sleep over, can. Just make sure you get permission (and my parents will make sure you did…). Those who can’t, try. If not, we can still hang out during the day!

The number of people expected to sleep over has been reduced to half, so I think I’ll cancel the actual “sleeping over” portion… We’ll just hang out during the day.

All N/A!

Agenda includes:

  • Talking, catching up
  • Karaoke! (maybe) – Celerydip
  • Cooking (maybe bake cakes, lessons from mom…)
  • Eating  (definitely!)
  • Watching movies/stand-up comedy (new flat-screen’s there for a reason 🙂
  • Twister! (as suggested by Celerydip)
  • Count-down to 2009!
  • Draw on the person who sleeps first (Crowning champ of 2008: Celerydip)
  • Play w/ dogs and such… (though the wet-dog smell sucks…)
  • Music (loudness has to take place in the garage, unfortunately)
  • Dancing (for the select few who choose to)
  • Sleeping (probably in the living room)
  • Gift exchange (for those who haven’t had the chance yet)
  • Scary story time!

That’s all so far…

Things you could bring:

  • Fun games
  • Movies
  • Karaoke
  • Food
  • Essentials (toothbrush, extra clothes)

Attire: Comfortable house clothes, PJs!

Start time: Around 1-2PM New Year’s Eve

End time: Whatever time it takes to wake up, eat, get ready

Okay! Make sure you plan ahead!

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