October 6, 2008

Happy Birthdays to…(October)

Posted in Happy Birthday to... at 5:11 pm by shinychopstick

Most of the important ones. I don’t want to waste memory, so I’m linking them. Sorry for the gigantic size. I can’t really do anything about that.

Yoon Eun Hye

October 3. Turned 24~

I dunno why, but I’m slowly starting to dislike her. Maybe it’s from too much media and attention. And the recent ads she was involved in. Too much photoshopping on the pics. Urgh, maybe I’ll be less annoyed if they made a Goong 2.

Wu Chun (Fahrenheit)

October 10. Turns 29~

Ahh! I haven’t been paying enough attention to my lovely Fahrenheit boys. I’m sure they’re doing well. OMG, he’s almost 30!

Donghae (Super Junior)

October 15. Turns 22~

Donghae! Sweet knucklehead, with his Engrish. I’ll always remember that from Full House. I’m also always creeped out when I think of Mystery 6 and the freaky ghost things that only happen to him. OMG! Why’d I watch that alone?!?!?!

Stephanie (CSJH the Grace)

October 16. Turns 21~

I’ll always prefer CSJH over other k-pop girl groups. They can actually sing! Gasp! Acappella at that. I remember when she sang “Rising Sun” opera-style. Cracked me up. Yup, Stephanie is funny. (Watch the old X-man episodes…)


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