September 30, 2008

Throw a shoe

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Don’t you ever wish that you could chuck a shoe at someone without any repercussions? I’ve never felt the desire so much as this week, for some odd reason.

Just for any reasons. Like if someone acted idiotically. If someone was mean towards you. If they were just plain annoying.

I wish to aim it straight at the back of their head. And hard enough so I hear a thud. And I want them to really feel it. And I want it to remain unknown to everyone but me and the victim.

Hmm…but my own shoes are too soft and light. I want really hard, heavy shoes. Like basketball shoes. Or some wooden clogs. Maybe even stiletto heels, if the bottom of the heel manages to hit them square on the head. Ahh…that would feel nice.

Haha, if only that could happen.


September 26, 2008

What a slow week.

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And it isn’t even over yet.

Joined two clubs: Red Cross and Artist Dreamer. I’ll do well!

Lots of writing in Bio. I hate it! We mostly focus on copying down notes, so when the teacher explains things, I just tune it out. Test on…Wednesday?

Lots of weight-lifting, which isn’t much of a surprise. I can feel the pain…which means it’s working. Also ran a mile this week, as expected. Felt like dying…

OMG! Alg2/Trig is so sleep-inducing. I can feel my eyelids drooping just thinking about it. I have an A-…which is fine. As long as it’s an A, I don’t really care.

History: I thought it was good, but it turns out our teacher is a mean grader! I mean, I color pretty neat, right? but 21/30???

English is…not interesting enough.

French is starting to die a little.

Weird stuff: strange people touch me in the hallways!!! Not in the sick way, but it’s on purpose. Strangers do. One time, I was just holding my English book in one handing, just walking, when someone tries to jack it! Weird… And just today, I was walking to my class, when this guy passing (who I don’t even know) sticks his arm out suddenly and I ran into it! It was on purpose…

Shinychopstick’s Music Review: DBSK Vol.4 – Mirotic

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You knew this was coming. Expect long, detailed descriptions.


μ£Όλ¬Έ – MIROTICI’ve already said a lot about this song πŸ™‚

Wrong NumberR&B. Hmm…hard to describe. The chorus goes “You got the wrong number (x3. 3rd time+I’m sorry…you got the wrong number) so don’t call me no more”. Haha, it sounds funny when you type it out. Yunho’s singing is…elastic-y. It sounds different. OMG! Jaejoong raps! I heard the news a while ago, but I sort of forgot in the moment. Then I heard an unfamiliar voice, and thought “There was a ‘featuring’ on this song? Guy’s good.”. It flows so well! I remember on “Line Up”, for one of the line’s advice for fixing his dialect problem, they said something about doing the rap parts, and he said “I can’t rap”. Well, he just proved himself wrong. I totally missed out on Yunho’s rap after from my freakout! Hehe, I’ll be listening to this song a lot!

노을..바라보닀 (Picture Of You)Otherwise known as “Afterglow”. Written by Junsu! My favorite ballad on this album. Changmin’s parts leading to the harmonization…ahhh. And Junsu’s held note! Leading back to the chorus! Just listen to it. My descriptions suck.

Crazy LoveTechno/70s! Something we haven’t heard from them before. The effects are okay, though I like their regular, not-fiddled-with voices better. It’s sort of J-pop-y. Makes you so happy. It’s an unpredictable melody. They sort of go into notes I wouldn’t expect. And the soft part near the end. Going from Jaejoong-Changmin-Yoochun-Junsu. Excellent.

Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down)I’ve already said a lot about this song πŸ™‚

λ„Œ λ‚˜μ˜ λ…Έλž˜ (You’re My Melody)Slow song, but not really a ballad. I heard the live ver. from their showcase, and immediately wished to hear the studio ver. It’s a “memory lane” type of song. A youthful song. They go into acapella at the end. Awesome (I wished there was more).

λ¬΄μ§€κ°œ (Rainbow)Not the Japanese one from “T” (thank goodness, I didn’t really like that song). This song’s retro sounding. Actually, it reminds me of Suju “Disco Drive”! Hehe, good influence. Not one of my favorite tracks, but I’ll listen to it many times, regardless. Still a good song.

낙원 (Paradise)This version of paradise apparently involves harps! Hehe, is it heaven? (Like being in their presence). Anyway, it’s a really “chillaxing” song. It really lives up to the name. Good harmonization (beats out the harp). Everyone really gets a turn at singing. Everyone’s pleased. Junsu’s riffs! Changmin’s high end of the harmony!

μ•…λ…€ (Are You A Good Girl?)At first, I was like “WTF?” at the beginning. I didn’t think they’d use “electronica” stuff. Then, it gets good. For the chorus, everyone one-by-one joins in a harmonization, then Yunho and Yoochun have their hilarious rap (at least to me). It’s a hardcore, funky song. We haven’t seen this type of thing from them before. It’s nice to experiment. Jaejoong does well πŸ™‚

Flower LadyThe title makes me think of “bag lady”. Hehe. Nice “la-la-la-ing” goin’ on. Positive song. I keep thinking of those ladies that try to sell gentlemen roses to give to their darlings…

μžŠν˜€μ§„ κ³„μ ˆ (Forgotten Season)Ballad! Jaejoongie! Solo!Β  Excel! Excel! Excel! (That doesn’t make any sense, but who cares). Weird how only he gets the solo. Maybe the next albums will have the others. It’s the same thing with SHINee’s Jonghyun. I think it’s SM’s “thing” now.

Love In The Ice (Korean Version)I LOVE this song. I really liked the Japanese ver., but knowing that Changmin wrote the lyrics for the Korean ver. makes me like it even more!

Not as long as I thought. Well check it out for yourself!

Favorite song (besides Mirotic and HEY!) is CRAZY LOVE~!

Also, I thought I should dedicate this post to Tochifu since he’s gonna help me get the album! I’ll pay you back!

September 25, 2008

Karma Police

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by Radiohead




September 24, 2008

Shinychopstick’s Music: U-Kiss

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Boy, I’ve been so busy with DBSK stuff that new boybands just go under the radar. (Mini-Album was actually released 09.03.08)

Well, U-Kiss=new, though with some experience members, like Kevin and Kibum, that were in Xing. (Kibum is Hyungjoon from SS501’s little brother. You can tell right away). There are also members, Alexander (I think his stage name is Sandeo), Soohyun, Dongho, and Eli. I’m not gonna remember all that right away =__=.

So their new single (album cover above) was pretty good. The intro was “Big Bang-esque”. The title track “어리지 μ•Šμ•„” (Not Young) is so cute! Hehe, them telling us that they’re the “new kids on the block”, but contradicting themselves immediately after with “stop treating us like kids cuz we’re not anymore”. Such rebellious kids! It’s a nice song that makes you feel young. There’s some “gangsta” rap goin’ on (“I’m a grown man!”). And they also claim to “know what’s love”. Is that not adorable? The MV is…hehe. Like they’re in junior high. Here’s the MV parody by yesaznmedia. Haha! “Mushy Mushy Egg” and “Juicy Juicy Ham”.

Their other song, “Give It To Me” is so reminiscent of Big Bang’s “Shake It”! Not so cutesy (which I don’t know if it’s intentional). It’s pretty good.

They also did a cover on Backstreet Boy’s “As Long As You Love Me”.

So all in all, two thumbs up. We’ll be watching….

Oh yeah! There’s a new reignin’ baby on my birthday list! Dongho, who’s born in 1994!

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