August 31, 2008

SMTOWN Auditions?

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Wow. Once again, a chance to not be able to go =__=;;

They’re coming for talent in the U.S. and Canada.

Info can be found here at the SMTOWN website.

Since they’re so close by, I wonder if I can go…haha.

Auditions will be for singing, TV acting, movie acting, modeling, dancing, and songwriting.

Wow, that narrows down my choices. My best would be for singing or possibly acting. Even worse, by the off chance that I do audition, I would need to prepare by September 26!

I’m sure Eggnoodle would want to come also if I do.

This is a huge opportunity. I mean, to be among the ranks of DBSK, Suju, SNSD, SHINee, BoA, etc.

Maybe I’ll wait a few years… until the next one.


More boybands!

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Wow, remember a few months ago when SHINee and A’ST1 both debuted. Now there’s more. SMASH, and 2AM and 2PM (Let’s just make them one…One Day, for now).

SMASH: Frankly speaking, not the best there is. Their 3 songs that I’ve heard are, okay, but not great. I think my favorite would be the first song ‘우리들 이야기’, and not the even the title song ‘Emergency’. Just something lacking in overall performance. But I haven’t totally given up on them yet (though I think the third song ‘노러 보인다’ is pretty emotion-less). They’re new, they’ll learn. At first, I also wasn’t pleased with SS501’s ‘Unlock’ (though I think it’s still better than SMASH’s ‘Emergency’). Urgh, only the future will tell. Another thing I’m peeved with is that one of SMASH’s members is named ‘HERO’. o_o…no comparison. (though it’s technically just ‘Hero’ and not ‘Youngwoong’ which translates into ‘Hero’.)

2PM: OMG! Have you seen the ’10 out of 10′ MV? It’s hilarious! More…urr…inappropriate than other debuting MV’s you see these days. Haha, lot’s of skinship and some bare bodies. The direction was good. How in the beginning, one stunned face would lead to another. Funny. My favorite part was the fantasizing in the pool, but in reality, the two guys were just wrestling with each other. Or when the guy thought he was sucking on the chick’s finger, but it was really another guy. Ending rocks too. Good job JYP, you have me interested, and not by Wondergirls either. The songs on the ‘Hottest Time of Day’ single are alright. Pretty catchy and substantial. The best is definitely ’10 out of 10′. Hands down. (though I think the line: ‘that girl 너무예뻐’ is pretty awkward). It has the LL Cool J ‘Headsprung’ feel to it, does it not? Haha, I think of the MV every time I hear the song. Once again, good work. JYP.

2AM: Ballad group of ‘One Day’. (While 2PM is the upbeat group). Pretty good ballads. They have really nice voices. ‘이노래’ is my favorite song out of the single. It’s hard to judge ballads, because it really depends on how much patience a person has. Sometimes, slow songs get people annoyed because of the pace. But if you really have time to listen to each song, then it’s good. I don’t want to compare, but a voice in 2AM’s second song kind of sounds like SHINee’s Jonghyun at some parts. Then again, maybe not. The third song is more upbeat. Good harmonization.

August 30, 2008

For those to catch up…

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People I won’t be with next year, read this.

Since you guys won’t see me on the first day of school (and most after), I’ll just show you some things.

My shoes: I got new shoes today! I’m also going to wear my old crossword Vans slip-ons, but this is new. Plus, the dirt and grime on my Vans is permanent now. I can’t wash it off! See new shoes here. (I love “underground” brands. Awesome). Aren’t they cute? My sister’s a hater, so she kept repeating how much I’m going to get picked on, but who cares? I won’t, unless they step on my shoes or something. Then I’m going to have to cover up a death…

Also, my description of registration, (though it mostly involves old panther peeps): Okay, the day before, me and Dalena planned out that we’d all wait for each other at the library. And so I did. I also forgot to ask for their cell numbers. Stupid idea. Yeah, so I waited, until my mom got sick of it and went to the line. So I sat. I didn’t want to lose my place in line, so I didn’t skim the line looking for them. I would expect them to look for me since it was their idea to wait at the library. Then, like 15 min. later, I saw Dalena, and went up and smacked her on the arm. (not really in the mean way). Yeah. so I waited with them, though I was like 20 persons behind. There was Rachelle, Dalena, Danny, Brian, and also Kathy, Tiane, Kimberly, Kathleen, and probably others too. Also Katherine and Victor from last two years. Nice… Haha. Victor was at the way end of the line when I saw him…. loser… (Gosh, I hope no one googles themselves and finds this. Then they’d get all full of themselves). So we waited and did weird stuff. Also went around the school. I saw Thong and went “WTF?!?” since he looked so weird. His hair was weird. Also argued with Brian about Suju “EHB”, since he hates Yesung, but Yesung’s one of my favorites (might be my fave, but it changes sometimes), so he was like “he thinks he can do everything, but he can’t”, but I said, “but that’s his charm”, then some more arguing about me thinking Yesung’s the best singer. Huh, I love debating. Rachelle kind of joined in. But Dalena was like “boyband crap”…she’ll never understand. tsk tsk.

So Dalena felt guilty and traded tickets with the people behind me in my place in line. It didn’t really matter since the others kind of waited, so we all went to the same stations at about the same time. Then we got our lockers, which were very near each other. But mine was at the bottom. When I opened it, all of this crap was there. Ugh. Like hair stuff, and paper, and pencils, and food wrappers. I had to swish it all out with my hand. Gross. Then we went to get our books. The people who got it for us had our schedules. One of them glanced at mine and muttered, “Good luck…”. Now I feel reassured…

Oh, forgot to mention how Victor’s locker was kind of near ours. That sucks. I have to see him even more now.

So we just went around briefly to find our classes. I think we’re planning a day to do it thoroughly, before school starts. I think it’s Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday. Need to relay the message.

Age Appropriate?

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So….. my sister just told me. For a breif time during the school year, her friends thought that i was her mother, since i would occasionally pick her up from school. And another time was when i came with my aunt to pick her up from the office(since we came late) and they also thought i was her mom…….Scary. I can imagine that only Shiny would know the feeling? Haha….. T-T;;

August 29, 2008

No! WGM Horror!

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I’m in an absolutely horrible mood. A mood of despair, if you will.

Because Korean Sub Utd will no longer be subbing “We Got Married”. 😦

Though I’m entirely grateful for all of the episodes they have subbed (which are fabulous), this puts me in a weird position of not knowing where the next subbed episodes are going to come from. Sure the soompi thread now has people providing translations, which is awesome. Yes, band together during difficult times. But it’s not the same without full subbed episodes.

One option is just watching full episodes raw, but it’s kind of a hit or miss whether I understand what’s really happening. Sure, Tung Tung fansubs might be able to continue, but who really knows for sure. Some suggest Tung Tung and Korean Sub Utd band together.

Urgh! When I first read the news, I wasn’t sure whether to yell or cry. It might not seem like such a big deal to most of you (non K-variety show viewers), but it’s my favorite variety show!

One very difficult solution for me would just be to hurry up my Korean learning pace. Most problems seem to be with finding the right subtitles, anyway. For both dramas and shows. Imagine how easy it’d be just to understand.

Edit: Tung Tung fansubs is now hardsubbing muish’s soft-subs. my prayers have been answered. (Believe me, you have no idea how worried I was).

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