July 31, 2008

More Music Videos!

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I had already made a “music video review”, but that was a pretty long time ago. Now for some others. Recent and the ones I like.

Battle – Step by Step

An EXTREMELY catchy song, but that’s to be expected when the producer is the same person who came up with Big Bang’s “Last Farewell”! I’m not familiar with all of the members (if I try to memorize every member of another group, my brain will probably explode!), but I’ll go by what’s in the description. Already in the beginning, lightbulb background, which I think is cool. (I think it was also in Peter’s “Show Man” MV). Also the tiles on the ground that get lighted up when stepped on? I don’t know how to explain it right, but it’s channeling Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. I respect MV’s that have dance routines on different back-drops. The lightbulb and the colorful one. I think it’s Lio with the shades? Well there were more than one person with shades on, so forget that. I liked Chris’s part, the “everybody let’s get down”. Whenever I listen to that part on my mp3 player, a little bit of joy comes. Back to talking about dancing. I like it. Especially the hand movements (one finger, whole palm stuff). The ending was goofy, in a good way. Dammit, I wish I could talk about each individual, but I still can’t get their names down. In the future…

Namolla Family – 너만 볼래 (Feat. Tae In)

This was one of the newer songs I added to the box player (along with other Namolla Family songs). Feel free to listen if you haven’t yet. It’s a very cute song. I liked it as soon as it started. I like songs with male and female vocals incorporated. Well the MV is just two people venturing in the streets of Japan. I thought the bunny they took pictures with was so cute! (and scary at the same time). And it was sweet that the couple’s clothes matched. And that they held hands. Definitely matches the mood of the song. I like all of the male vocal verses. It’s just so…nice. Ahh! Don’t know how to describe how happy the singing makes you. All the verses and the chorus match. Anyway, how come in movies/dramas/MVs, couples eating ice cream always look so nice? That’s not always the case in real life. Ugh..sticky, melting cream dripping all over yourself, and you forgot to get napkins. Well, this is perfect dream world. The see-saw part was nice also. (Makes you want a bf yourself…serious envy!!) Yes, and running carefree…and the hug looks so cozy. Then there’s something written on the bench in Japanese, which I had to look up because I totally forgot my hiragana =.=…and it says “aishiteru” which is “I love you”. Ah! And the plushies they try to get from the machines are so cute! (the stupid claw machines here have such ugly plushies…) Eek! and he got her a bear. In all, the MV is so sweet. Ughh…I’m bitter because I’m alone.

Epik High – Umbrella (Feat. Younha)

Epik High MVs are always captivating to watch, so it’s to be expected that this one is no different. Tablo’s the only one in it…It manages to capture the…inconvenience, yet beauty of rain. (the inconvenience? well you see the streets filled up with people holding umbrellas. Yes, and the rain pouring in the bedroom would also be inconvenient). Wet clothes bother me (one of my pet peeves). Geez, I wonder if the flood in the house from the rain would cause electrical damage. Well, that’s not the point. The point is that this is a nice song, and the MV is open to individual interpretation. I won’t say anymore.

DBSK (Tohoshinki) – どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう

I hope my hiragana was right…Well I forgot that I hadn’t said anything about the MV yet. It’s a nice story. Urghh… I keep remembering the parody (which you should check out). It starts out with this guy and girl (who are both good-looking…but that has nothing to do with the story =.=) I won’t say much about the storyline of the MV. My comments will be about DBSK’s parts. OMG Everyone either has so much make-up on or it’s something with the lighting, but they all look so white! Jaejoong’s lips basically blend in with the rest of his skin! The room they stand in is so nice. Wide open space. I wish that was my house. It feels refreshing. Yeah, so Jaejoong sings most of the chorus. Which reminds me, I want him to sing lower parts for the Korean album coming out. I dunno, he’s been singing high parts for the last few Japanese singles. Haha. Another thing. Changmin’s always restless face. He’s such a face actor. In every video, he’s making such strong expressions. How charming. I wish Junsu’s earrings weren’t the dangling kind. They were dangling on each side, and he’s already so pretty, so it makes him look so girl-ish…And Yunho looks like a lion. That’s a good thing, I guess. Always fun to experiment with hairstyles. (-cough-Micky-cough-)…Ahh! Jaejoong. I haven’t been watching much DBSK stuff lately (waiting for Korean variety shows…), so I miss him and everyone so much! Changmin’s high part (the “zutto” part always makes me feel unsettled for some reason. Strange). Yeah…can’t wait for their next Korean album! More MVs!

Uhhh…it’s getting long. If there’s more, I’ll continue in another post nevermind, I’ll just keep going on this.


Albums to look forward to~!

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On my priority list. Hmm… I should put it by date order too. Fine, we’ll do both ^^;;

  • Big Bang 3rd Mini-Album “Stand Up”: August 8, 2008
  • F.T Island 2nd Album “Colorful Sensibility”: August 23, 2008
  • DBSK 4th Korean Album – August 27, 2008 it’s been changed to September =___=

But my priority list goes

  1. DBSK (OMG!!! Just think. Maybe a successor to “Rising Sun” and “O” awesome dance routines…ehh not counting “Purple Line”)
  2. F.T Island (Sophomore album! Meaning second album. Whee!)
  3. Big Bang (Probably very creative and catchy)

Sorry, Big Bang. It’s just the anticipation. DBSK hasn’t released a Korean album since 2006 I believe. Think of how well their previous albums were are. People are still crazy over “Rising Sun”. And it’s F.T Island’s 2nd album!!! The first one was so good, I don’t know how the second one will fare. Hope there’s more climactic songs like “Love Sick” and “Thunder”. All of my favorite (and the most popular) Big Bang songs are on their mini-albums. For example: “Lies” (<<seriously…crazy fandom) and “Last Farewell” (<<probably my favorite). I’m not sure who else’s albums are coming soon. SS501’s “Find” Mini-Album just came out recently. Also Super Junior H’s. These albums are coming out pretty close to one another. But I’m sure who’ll get first on M.net Countdown and such…

1 Day!!

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Til’ BD! Well, basically it’s two days since it’s one day and a few hours… Now I need to re-read the “Quotes of the Day” in order to get through the remaining time. Oh, has anyone noticed that a lot of the quotes seem like something you’d find in a soap opera? It doesn’t apply to the first…8, I guess, but everything after that is so…dramatic in a way. Especially 13-20.

Oh, I came up with something else to do on the blog (if I have time), and that’s to interview each of the N/A members! Seems weird now, but I won’t ask stupid questions. Probably 10 questions each person. I’ll make a post, then the person can answer in a comment, and I’ll add it in the post. (Or we can make a page out of it for everyone. Who knows?) So as soon as I think of good questions, I’ll do them.

July 30, 2008

2 Days!!

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and some hours. That’s a verryyy small number now. ^^ (Though it would be at least 5 days for me. Boohoo…)

Did you know that July 27 was “Fly to the Sky Day” (San Francisco)? That’s cool. I forgot when DBSK Day was…=.=…need to read previous posts. Okay, I checked over, and it’s December 23. Urrghh…need to remember these. I wonder if there are other “official days”…

I would re-read the three books once again before it releases, but I’m currently re-reading my manga collection (Yes, I enjoy re-reading as long as the time frame for the same series is not so consecutive)

Oh, speaking of manga/anime, I have a question to ask Littlefluteplayer (though he rarely goes on). If you went to the host club (you know what I’m talking about), which person would you designate. I was going to ask a long time ago, but since I just remembered. Pshh…it better not be the same person I would pick.

July 29, 2008

I am sooo sorry

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I think I added 2 more catagories….. On accident. 0-0. OMG. I am so sorry!

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