June 29, 2008


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Allright, so I made some updates in my profile and stuff, if you want to read that.  Also, Littlefluteplayer finally decided to join us [woot!] so he made updates, too. In different categories….. so if you want to read those too, you can find them yourselves.


June 27, 2008

Shinychopstick’s Votes!

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My own version of the votes. I’ll probably anticipate checking these when I get back from San Francisco. A lot is predicting of the future. Some are of the present. My answers are hidden, so they don’t influence yours, but check them out after answering them yourself.

1. Best looking in 10 years Me, haha. Maybe Celerydip. Don’t know how she’ll turn out)

2. Person who has let themselves go the most in 10 years. Like my predictions said, probably Littlefluteplayer

3. Happiest in 15 years (Most fulfilling life) I don’t think I can guess… I mean, hopefully me, but not surewho

4. Most GFs/BFs before marriage. Hah, probably Eggnoodle if she continues talking to random people

5. Busiest in 15 years probably me…that sucks

6. Person with most fun future occupation I don’t think any would be “fun” per se, unless you count HamtaroMax, probably his would be fun

7. Most likely to cheat (on another person) Littlefluteplayer…maybe Wetsponge. maybe Sushiroll too.

8. Most likely to be cheated on Tochifu (hate to say it, but you’re finally mentioned)

9. Most intimidating to others I think Sushiroll can be more intimidating than me at times o.O

10. Person least understood (No one understands what the hell they’re talking about most of the time) Celerydip…I don’t understand her weird intentions a lot of the times

11. Most disciplined (Has best behavior/Makes best choices) Out of all of us…me. I avoid getting into trouble as much as possible

12. Most likely to have disciplined kids I think Tochifu might have disciplined kids, otherwise it’s me

13. Least disciplined (Has worst behavior/Makes worst choices) Littlefluteplayer, who seems to not enjoy responsibility

14. Most likely to have rowdy kids Littlefluteplayer, but probably also Celerydip. I imagine Sushiroll’s to be hyper too.

15. Person who cares the least about their future probably Littlefluteplayer. We never hear about what he wants to do in the future

16. Worst scaredy-cat Definitely me, which is weird because I’m the brave one out of me and my sister.

17. Most likely to become doting parent Anyone who I can imagine baby-talking

18. Likely to not really care ^ Don’t know yet

19. Most like their parents Out of all the choices: me, which is a compliment really, cuz I like my parent’s strong points

20. Least like their parents With my knowledge, Sushiroll

June 26, 2008

Little updates…

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I’m gonna be gone…pretty much til Tuesday.


Because I’m goin’ to San Francisco! And Yosemite and Fresno.

So I won’t be able to take part in little stuff.


Oh! My weird dreams:

All happened today.

So once again, it was the “last day of school” kind, but this time it was a few days before the last day.

So the school and stuff was weird, typical dream. And one of my classes was on this wagon…with wooden fences. And it was on higher ground. I don’t really know how to explain it. So anyway, that’s when i first meet “him”, who doesn’t exist in real life =___=…

You know how you don’t really see faces in dreams? Only the essence of the person? Well I kinda saw his face. He was asian. Either Viet or Korean. Well, his eyes weren’t that chinky. And tall. Nice hair too, but not so long.

So anyway, there were other students in the class, but they were off doing their own things. So I was just staring off, like an outcast. And then he said something (which I forgot what) so I replied, but kept staring for some reason (I wouldn’t do it in real life). So in the midst of my staring, suddenly my grandpa comes from behind me and goes “Why are you lookin’ at that boy!!!” (in viet). So it freaked me out.

Then the next day was the “party” but in this HUGE auditorium. So I got my name tag outside and went in to my seat. Then I saw all of you guys…and him again.

Then I kinda woke up from that dream, but I continued it in another.

So I planned a pool party at my house afterward (my house in my dream has a huge HUGE pool. There are risers (bleachers) on the side. So anyway, a whole bunch of people from school came (except people I didn’t like, which is awesome). 

I don’t get it, but sometime in the midst of that dream, I thought you guys were gonna come and surprise me in my sleep (in the dream), so I had to change into nice clothing (in the dream)

So I was just sitting on the bleachers. I think Felix sat in front of me. Weird… Then you guys came and hung out. (The guy also came..weird). Then we headed to the band room (for some weird reason. Also looks entirely different) and get ready for something important (not sure what). So I sit on the band side first, cuz I was telling Celerydip about my previous dream with my grandpa popping up. She didn’t really get it. And before I know it, Everyone had gotten in their seats, except one person in band, because I was in his seat. So I got off all embarrassed.

Oh, forgot to mention that Sushiroll’s hair looked weird. Well, that’s mostly it.

June 24, 2008

Boredom seeks its toll…

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Just little things…

I’ve been having dreams of the last day of school. They all seem better than how it actually went :[

Also eating a lot more. More junk food. Soda, coffee, chocolate, ice cream. Ehh… I don’t even like sweets that much.

I haven’t been on the computer lately either.

The dramas I’m currently watching: Three Dads One Mom, Powerful Opponents…and I’m sad that I finished both Last Scandal and I Hate You But It’s Fine.

Yes, life’s slow.


Other things:

  • July 4th maybe at Westminster HS or beach
  • Knotts trip possibly on July 5
  • My extra tutoring classes starts on July 7

June 22, 2008

shinychopstick gets violated

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This is so freaking crazy… so Shiny and Victor were in Mrs. Richards’ class, and they sit right next to each other. Their assignment is to note a change in temperature. Victor leans over and out of nowhere.. grabs Shiny’s “coconuts”. However she just sits there and does nothing but cry. Later during break I see her crying with her arms folded over her chest so I ask her what’s wrong. She tells me, and I get so mad that I go stomp off to find Victor and kick him where it hurts. Instead, I find myself telling Mrs. Stevens about it. She, liking Victor, says “Are you sure she didn’t shove “them ” in his hands?” I’m like WTF!!!!!!!!!!! So I go to Mrs. Richards instead. She then says that for every person he has caused concern, worry, etc. He gets five points off his grade. So it was me, Wetsponge, Shiny, and Keira (for some strange reason). In total it was only 20 points so victor starts smirking and just blowing it off. So I flare up and start listing off everyone: my mom, his mom, her mom, my aunt, my grandma, my brother, my sister, my pencil, and in the end he fails his whole schooling career! LOL 😀


my funniest dream ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL   😀

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