May 28, 2008

Music Video Stuff…

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Ack! Sorry for all the A’ST1 and SHINee comparisons. It’s just that they’re both so new. Need to evaluate.

Okay, music videos.

A’ST1 – Back MV

Little things I noticed. Within the first 10 seconds, I spotted someone that I thought looked a lot like Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit (but now I don’t think so) Another guy kinda looked like Hankyung from Suju. Very nice colors. Mostly black, grey, red, white. Also learned some of their names. The person with the high part that I liked…I think is Tomoki. (correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not so certain). I think he’s my favorite for now (though I haven’t followed their personalities much). At least for now. Okay, back to the MV. I felt that some of them were a little too heavy on the eye make-up. Like Han Byul with the eyeliner. A tad much. The dancing was great, though. Reminiscent of SS501. Some parts actually reminded me of DBSK! So weird…

SHINee – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) MV

Hah! I’m actually scared of rewatching it for the sake of close analysis, because I’ve listened to the song SO MUCH that I’m afraid I’ll get sick of it. Well, for the common good. Jonghyun looks so good in the begininning! (still getting used to his singing voice). Outfits arent bad either. Very matching….red, black, white. And Jonghyun’s bandana scarf thing. Key’s part was next. (I’m getting the names down!). OMG! Taemin’s dancing is amazing for his age! Haha, I remember his high voice from the UFO message. When they first greeted, there was an unusually high voice (which I’m not used to from listening to a lot of their sunbae-nim’s). Of course, it turned out to be the youngest, Taemin. Again, I’m side-tracked. Back to the MV. Taemin dances with a lot of enthusiasm in the front (with the yellow sweater/flannel in the outdoor parts). Minho and leader Onew were also good. (Ahh! future obsession). Leader Onew’s parts were really convincing. My favorite dancing part was the stuttering “I-I-I…” part. Like a wave! First Taemin starts dancing, then Jonghyun and Minho behind him, then Onew and Key. AWESOME WAVE!!!

Other music stuff:

Prologue of F.T Island – Soyogi PV

By the first guitar riff, I could sense a good song (very Japanese too). Then, cut to HongGi…HIS HAIR!!! It shows his whole forehead! With the clips and everything…I’m not so used to it (I like his normal korean hair!). His Japanese is…okay. I could tell that it didn’t flow as well, but that’s to be expected. They’re new to the J-scene. So the whole time, I was distracted by his Japanese skills, and not as much the song. Still, his voice is amazing as always. (More ballad like to me, though). Then, Wonbin’s part! His Japanese seemed more natural to me (and the vid made his lips look bigger than ever for some reason. Maybe a lot of gloss). Wonbin’s voice, to me, is really J-rock ish. Oh, can’t ignore Jaejin, Minhwan, and leader Jonghun, either (though we didn’t get to see much of them besides the whole group parts and the little cuts of them doing stuff, like Minhwan tying his white shoes). More focus on everyone else wouldn’t hurt. Hah, there’s this one part where Jaejin’s just jammin’ with his big sweater on. All in all, a really good song (though I miss their k-ballads) Ahh! I’m so sad because it seems like they’ve grown so much since the “Wanna Be My Girlfriend” eps. They’re no longer the youngest male group (according to my idol birthdays page. Being outdone by SHINee). So anyway, the single’s tracklist includes some of their songs from their first album like “F.T Island” and “Primadonna”. Basically the upbeat ones…so sad…T-T

As One – Kiss Me MV

Whoa…girl duo. So unlike me, but it has been stuck in my head for a while. I saw it on KBS America’s Music Break, and I’ve never seen the MV before that, so the beginning really through me off. It was so serious, with the guy yelling. I was like “what ballad is this?”. I really liked the piano part in the begininning (which made me think it was a ballad at first). Then, at the “Double Star” poster part, I went “Oh….it’s As One” (I’ve seen the single around). After that…the most pink you’ve ever seen! It’s a pretty catchy “girl song” (which isn’t my thing), but I think it’s okay. The dance is very girlish. I liked the hand movements for the “kiss me over and over” part. Basically all I have to say about this. Too bad there’s not the ballad version of “Kiss Me” like the piano part in the beginning… (Sidenote: OMG! Wonder Girls “Tell Me” just came on on another page! Now it’s not coming out of my brain. It’s revenge for not liking girl groups. I’m just letting it play for some reason. Hah, HamtaroMax’s warped version he sings to annoy me is also getting to my head.)

MVs I should have posted earlier:

Kim Dong Wan – 비밀 (Secret)

OMG! I love this song! Ever since the first time I heard it. Maybe because Dong Wan has tried something different this time. His first album was really ballad-y (though I thoroughly enjoyed “My Love” with Eric). This one has used techno. The actress looks extremely familiar! I forgot which drama she was from! All I know was she played a villain. I like the little xylophone intro. Hah! And the dancing girls on the roof all around him. Good for him. Pshh…cigarette burning on the nightstand. I can’t stop laughing at how the girls are just dancing around him (with the head roll) while he’s just singing. Hilarious! I liked the movement by movement part of the dance. Interesting. Basically, the whole MV encompases: dancing on the roof, club scene, him in his room, him in his car. I learned the basic dance from watching Star Golden Bell, haha.

Cho Shin Sung/Supernova – Superstar

I love this song! The song’s been out for a while now, but their own MV is finally out (was the Yeon Ga 2008 MV before). I watched their music bank performance, and it was AWESOME. Love the dance. Parts of it remind me of that one new-ish Janet Jackson dance. Other parts were like the “peanut butter jelly time”, but it’s not like that at all (just has the feeling). So this MV has violence, dancing, “escaping” with the help of your fellow Cho Shin Sung members…etc. I gotta say, Gwangsu looks way better in this MV now that his rapping is showcased. Geonil’s hair…interesting. It was up. Like how Gwangsu’s hair just droops over his face in the action scenes. (Somehow, I’m not sick of the song yet. Doesn’t come up a lot on shuffle)

All I’ll post of for now. Sorry for neglecting Jun Jin’s “Wa”, Andy’s “Proposal”, Fly to the Sky’s “Drunken Truth” and all the others I liked. I’ll get to that in another post.


May 26, 2008

Hair Dilemma.

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I’m thinking of cutting my hair (summertime…new style) really soon, so I just want suggestions. Right now I’m leaning towards a haircut kind of like Tiffany’s from SNSD, but I’m not certain yet. It would be helpful if I had pictures.

What I want:

  • Not as short to ears. At least to chin. Not longer than 2″ below shoulder length
  • Bangs to a side
  • Not curled or anything special in the picture (because it’d only stay that way for a day, and I don’t have time to do stuff to it)
  • Not like most others (like people at school)
  • K-pop-y
  • Fits my head shape and facial features (I’ll most likely draw a sketch of the hair on my head shape)
  • Bangs can’t get in my eyes (says my mom…) but can be below eye level (just have to move it over)
  • Nothing you have to gel

Yeah…mostly it. Now work!

May 24, 2008

Shinychopstick’s Music: New Male Groups

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Geez, they’re springing up everywhere! (More for me to observe). I didn’t make a post when A’ST1 came out, but now since SM Ent. debuted SHINee, I guess I’ll make a bigger post.

Okay, I don’t like making comparisons all that much. Everyone has their own style and all. Just like how I can’t imagine DBSK singing SS501 stuff and SS501 singing DBSK stuff, I can’t imagine A’ST1 singing SHINee stuff and the reverse. (Well, since I don’t know them all too well yet, I guess they might? But for now, I can tell the difference). Okay, let’s pick out some strong points and differences.

DSP Ent.’s A’ST1:

  • Debuted sometime in April (I forgot when).
  • Challenged Super Junior (though their music, to me, is vastly different…I don’t see any comparison really)
  • Six members
  • Single: (Totally catchy. I keep listening to the songs over and over again)

Track One: – I think my favorite. Well, I guess the single has to be the best. I don’t know everyone’s name yet, but the person with the high note has the best part. Dance is not totally bad either.

Track Two: Show – When I first heard it, I thought the beginning was…unique. Then the beats came, and it got really good. Kind of jazzy. One of my favorite songs on this single. I love the chorus. Verses are good, too.

Track Three: Funk N Roll Tonight – My least favorite song on the single. It’s not bad, just not my style. I like songs less if the chorus doesn’t catch my attention. Maybe it’s too happy for me. Lives up to the title, though. Funky.

Track Four: You – I really like this song. Slower. More relaxed. Good harmony. Good beats. Overall, a good song to listen to (when reading, like me)

Track Five: 내가 바보였어 – A nice song. Ballad. Shows how well their voices really blend in a sentimental mood.

SM Ent.’s SHINee

  • Debuted sometime this month (don’t know exact day)
  • Five members, ages 14-18 (really young! I wonder if their voices will go through, ahem, drastic changes)
  • Mini Album: 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) (I keep listening to it now!)

Track One: 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) – I didn’t pay much attention when I first heard it (was distracted), but after hearing it NUMEROUS times, I realized how good and catchy the song was. I was a bit skeptical at first (after reading stuff about comparisons to DBSK), but the music is also different. This song has a sort of American R&B feel to it. Seems like I might hear it on the radio here or something. Good for all the noonas.

Track Two: In My Room – Slower. I realize that their voices are extremely good in this song. Good harmonization (my first impression was that they sounded a little nasally. It’s unique though). Also, a good song to read to.

Track Three: Real – A fast song. This one reminds me more of Super Junior. A good, happy song. Sounds like it should be on the SMTown Summer album or something. Puts me in a good mood

Track Four: 사.게.한 (Love Should Go On) – My second favorite song (losing only to the title song). I love the chorus. The background is good. The “love forever, last forever” part makes me happy (because it leads right to the high part. I think the “Your boy’s back” part is hilariously good. The way the bass sort of becomes more noticeable. A really good song.

Track Five: 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay_Boom Track) – Another version of a good song.

So all in all. Good in their own ways. Since I’m more of an SM Ent. person, I kind of lean toward SHINee more (plus, I love their name more. For those of you who don’t know, my favorite word is “Shine”) I can’t wait to see how SHINee fits in SMTOWN.

Contrasts: A’ST1 to SS501 & SHINee to DBSK

A’ST1 to SS501:

  • Music is more…R&B
  • One more member
  • Different ethnicities.


  • Clothes more “hip-hop” in a way. Younger, like kids in school.
  • Songs seem younger, less mature adult-ish that DBSK has been doing
  • Different ethnicities.
  • Can’t see them pulling off “Rising Sun” or “O.Jung.Ban.Hap”

The next generation of male groups! I’ll look more into their personalities when I have time during summer break. Oh, most of their songs are in the box player (now 100 songs). I think I’m missing “Funk N Roll Tonight” for A’ST1, though.

May 21, 2008

OH…. The Horror!!

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so, for those that don’t know yet, my dad is shutting off my internet service


because :

A] “You are a bad disrespectful girl!”,says the father

B] I stay up too late talking to Anderson :]

C] i stay up too later,since i get side tracked talking to anderson and then doing my homework well into the night

D] its revenge for me going to my communion when he told me not to


it could possibly be them all

oh well, tonight is my last night of having aim <33

i think….i’ll go crazy without it, since whenever i get mad/sad/happy/etc, i usually ran up to the comp. and talk to someone. Nowadays its Eggnoodle and Anderson, and sometimes Littlefluteplayer.


;'( its not my fault i have FRIENDS!!

Little end of the year things.

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Strawberry Fest: I’m pretty sure I’m going on Friday.

Science Club Frog: Partnerships (though subject to change) Eggnoodle&Wetsponge, Celerydip&Littlefluteplayer, Shinychopstick&Sushiroll…I don’t know how well this will work out.

So after asking around the group (for those who didn’t hear, sorry) we’ve decided to make hand-made (homemade) gifts for each other. I’m still a bit iffy on whether or not it’s for everyone or just one person like secret santa. I think one for everyone is better. You can personalize it better. What if I end up picking someone that I’ll end up with next year? So I (and after asking for Eggnoodle’s opinion, Eggnoodle) propose this idea. So everyone, make your gifts!

I recorded a whole bunch of weird gimmicks at lunch, so if you want to see them, just ask me.

URRGHH! I don’t think I’ll be able to make the slideshow, seeing as how it works so slowly and freezes up. Maybe I’ll just put all the pictures in a disc or something. (Unless someone wants to go print 100+ pictures)

I’m so stressed about random things! Hope Strawberry Fest or Disneyland will relieve it.

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