April 28, 2008

Random Jang Geun Suk pictures

Posted in What we like at 5:31 pm by shinychopstick

I’ve been meaning to do something (a post) about Jang Geun Suk. I kind of mentioned him in previous posts (check “Tangled Webs in Asian Dramas” in topic discussions, and “Huh…” in the ramblings section, and his birthday on the birthday page). Now that Eggnoodle has also discovered his charms. Ahh! Such a baby face! People MUST sub more videos with him in it. EEEK. “Black Engine” MV. I’ve spazzed about this in the “Huh…” post. Here’s the excerpt

3.26.08: “So anyway. 장근석 is in both. In Hwang Jin Yi, he had a bad fate, and in Hong Gil Dong, he’s stern. But! When I heard his single “Black Engine” after watching most of Hong Gil Dong…my jaw dropped. It was so unlike what he portrayed in dramas.”

Okay, on to the pictures (you know, in the list of people I’d really want to meet, he’s in the top somewhere, after members of DBSK, SS501, Super Junior. That’s REALLY HIGH considering all the people I would want to meet)

Early days. So cute!

More recent, I’m guessing. His face kind of matured…urghh. No!!! He shouldn’t age!

Him in Hwang Jin Yi. Sure, you judge his look now (which isn’t bad, since it’s in character) but if you watch his parts, you’ll bawl your eyes out.

I can’t find a good screenshot picture of him in Hong Gil Dong. (All look pretty awkward…)

I’m not sure if he’s my favorite actor. More like favorite person who happens to act…and sing.



  1. sushiroll said,

    this a comment…
    i would see him more as a younger brother sort of type

  2. eggnoodle said,

    OMG, no, if you watch Hong Gil Dong, you’d see him as a boyfriend type! omg, frickin’ HOT!!

  3. eggnoodle said,

    btw, that’s his picture as my icon. i changed it yesterday. ^^ omg, so happy!! haha, watching hgd right now.. haha!

  4. sadaf said,

    I think that his acting in hwang ginee was better than his acting in hong gil dong becouse in hong gil dong at last he became a bad man.I realy love him

  5. mizuki said,

    he looked soo cute in the first pic, almost like a girl >.<

  6. ai said,

    i think eun suk have a something can make people happy if see him……

  7. haliunaa said,

    hi jang geun suk i love you

  8. elufkin said,

    Jan Geun Suk is hot!!

  9. amel said,

    you so cutezzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. lidda said,

    i love you very much
    you look so cute and sweeet

    i hope u like me too………………………

  11. hyorin said,

    jang geun suk you’re so cute! i very like you as Kim Eun Ho

  12. Alina Moua said,


    Your sooOOOOOOoOo Cute!

  13. Merry said,

    He’s s0 cut3…..i think

  14. You Already Know said,

    He definitely is good looking…..rather a beauty….sigh…..he looks so handsome in You’re Beautiful, which YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT!!!! In all honesty it is really good and very romantic, funny, beautiful, smile infectious 😀 now I’m smiling!!! Anyway I want to meet him at least once…..I’m a big (emphasis on that!!!) fan of his….he is one amazing actor…his facial expressions and pouts are just amazing and undeniably superb….he really gets in touch with his character thus making his performance just brilliant.

    Wish you all the luck in the future

    You Already Know


    jang geun suk-si……….
    you’re so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. addee said,

    very well said! his acting is brutally brilliant! I first saw him in lover’s in prague and I was astonish by his looks! I am also one of those wanna bees who would like to see him. You’re beautiful will air soon here in the Philippines (hosted by ABS-CBN). Hopefully they’ll get people who have great voices to dub .. JGS voice is very manly, i know for a fact that it will be impossible for them get someone who has this one of a kind manly voice but I hope that they can get someone who may atleast get a half impact. You’re beautiful is a drama for kind hearted young people. The drama is worth watching!

  17. akmal said,

    jang geun suk..he’s my favorite actor in ur beautiful..i love his smile..he also romantic and handsome… i hope i will meet him even just for once..

  18. namia said,

    he is mine u knOw.,
    <3hime sO much.,

  19. iu said,

    jgs oppa………….
    soo cute
    saranghae oppa^_^

  20. ice said,

    hopefully see you in the picture … would not you visit here in Manila maybe I’m the happiest in the world … hehehe..youre very cute like me

  21. rosanna mendez said,

    ♥♥hi jang geun suk im ur number 1 fan saranghae♥

  22. Anonymous said,

    I really love him…thats all…
    LOve you

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