April 30, 2008

Picture war!

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So Wetsponge was last month (or this month, depending when you’re reading)’s student of the month in strings. With this honor, you get candy and your picture on the wall (courtesy of the iMac photobooth). Well, Wetsponge didn’t like her picture, so she went up and took it off (she has the height). Then, she gave it to Angela to throw away. Angela misses the trash can. When no one is looking, I go over and pick it up, then I give it to Sushiroll. She tries to keep it away from Wetsponge, who is in attack mode, ready to grab the picture. Sushiroll gives it to me, and I freak out, not wanting to get attacked, so I give it to Littlefluteplayer. He sticks it in his pants (shorts) pocket. It’s over for a little. Then, Wetsponge goes through his backpack (which was stupidly lying there, looking vulnerable) and takes his p.e. shirt. It has gotten more interesting. Littlefluteplayer tries to grab his shirt back, he gives Angela the picture at some time (I did not pay attention). So it’s in tug-of-war mode with the shirt, with the yelling and screaming. Ms. Knight had to tell us to be quiet (but it is music after all). So Wetsponge tells threatens Littlefluteplayer to kick him where it hurts. Then he backs off a bit. More picture claiming within the next few minutes. We go outside. Celerydip has hold of the picture (I dunno, a lot of switching around. To hard to keep track). Then it’s 4th period, so Celerydip has it with Wetsponge. When it was lunchtime, I asked where the picture was, and it was announced to be in the trashcan. The battle was over.


New Idea!

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Okay, make a list on paper of 5 things that we don’t know about you (another way to say it, 5 things about yourself that you haven’t told us or that we don’t know). Then, after everyone is done with the list, I’ll randomly pick a number, and that number/thing is the one you draw out/illustrate. Then we try to guess what it means or what it is. Seems fun?

April 29, 2008

Tribute to my parents.

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Since Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up within the next two months, I’d just like to get a head-start on my appreciation of them.

The N/A are all different people with different personalities, but there’s one thing we all have in common: asian parents. This would make it…difficult dealing with their ideas and order, but does that mean we should totally discard them?

Well I appreciate my parents, so here’s just a little about things.

My parents have certain ways of doing things. One way is to ALWAYS finish what you start, and do it in such a way that showcases your best effort. In school, you should become the best in the classes, or at least one of the best. When washing the dishes, wash them thoroughly, and do not rush things. It’d just stay dirty. So those are the basic lessons, and they make sense, don’t they?

But whenever I’m asked to do something (chores), I always do them half-heartedly. I also get pissed at them. I realize that acting this way is completely stupid and useless. Why should I get mad? I make a mess of the house on a daily-basis, so why shouldn’t I clean them to my best effort. Do I get annoyed just because I was interrupted from something as unimportant (to the house) as playing on the computer? No, I shouldn’t.

If I get bad grades, I deserved to be punished. It just means that I’m not trying my best in school. Sure, I might be afraid of some of the punishments, but isn’t it my fault? I should do my best in school.

My parents have these “guidelines”. Most don’t have to be said, but assumed. It’s unreasonable for me not to follow them.

My parents work INCREDIBLY HARD. Ever since my sister and I were born, they’ve been striving to raise us in an environment that would be of comfort to our futures, that would make our lives easier than theirs when they were our age.

My dad has these “talks” with me and my sister. Just to tell you one thing, every talk ends in tears. Not because he yells, not because he lectures…because we realize that we’re bad children.

When my parents first came to America, their only option of occupation was something along the lines of custodial duty. It was when my older sister was just a baby. In order to have enough money to raise my sister, they had to clean up buildings late at night. From 11 PM on.

Then, my father went to college and graduated, making things a little easier. My mother was still taking care of my sister, and me as a baby. She was a seamstress, working into the late of night, while my sister slept in my grandma’s room. I kept my mom company.

My mother is still a seamstress. My father is an accountant. Their jobs really take a toll on their physical health. I’ve seen my mother with leg pains, back pains, basic muscle and joint pains throughout the body. She gets check-ups at the doctor regularly. My father has cardiovascular problems. His blood pressure and cholesterol aren’t great, a heredity issue passed down through his family. Still, they work hard.

What we have now, is because of them. They work and save money. The reason why we didn’t travel for the majority of our lives, the reason why they could not revisit their birth places, was because we had to save money. We saved enough to buy a house, while other families I knew at the time only lived in apartments.

This shows that everything that’s not necessary is a privilege that I’m grateful for. The computer. The TV. The mp3 player. Are these necessary to our lives? Perhaps not, but my parents worked to give us this kind of cushy life. I do not push them for money.

I hate my parents giving me money when I don’t need it. They could use it for better things, like food. Why do I need it? Lunch at school? I could just wait until I got home and eat the previous day’s leftovers. No waste of money. In first grade, when my sister taught me how to write stories on the blank documents on the computer, I wrote two essays. The first one about a bunny that did not wake up. The second one about my parents. I distinctly remember one line I wrote, about how it makes me sad whenever I see them counting the money to pay at the cash register. It still makes me sad. When I showed the essay to them, I think they were on the verge of tears.

That’s why I don’t push them for unnecessary money. They work hard, so it should be something for them. I try not to spend my own money carelessly, too. If you haven’t noticed, I go through this mental process whenever I plan to buy something, like a book. “Should I get it? Do I really need it? Is the cost worth it? Will I use it more than once? Will I take care of it?”. I don’t buy a lot of clothes either. I have one pair of shoes besides the p.e. one. I buy one or two items of clothing at a time. Still, that’s not enough. I shouldn’t shop as much as I do. The only thing I will always get are books.

I’m such a lazy person. I make things worse for the family by not cleaning all of my messes, by letting the laundry build up. I don’t keep all of my promises, and that’s what I hate about myself. My parents have reasons to become angry. Would parents be angry most of the time without a reason? They’re angry because you have bad grades. Is that wrong? You were supposed to do the best, and that sure isn’t bad grades. They’re angry because the room is dirty. Well, duh. Who would want to see a big mess after working so hard at work. My mom is right. It is irritating.

With all of this. With all of my wrongdoings, they still try their best to spend quality time with us. Almost every weekend, they take the effort to take us somewhere, wherever we’d like within parameters. They ask us what we want to eat for dinner. Whatever we want, my mom would try to make it. Whatever we need, or even want, like a TI calculator, they’d find the best. I’m grateful for this.

Whenever I’m sick, they always try their best to get me better, even if it means both of them waking up in the middle of the night to give me medicine, and the menthol (asians would know it…you know with the plastic spoon?).

Some of you may think my parents don’t allow a lot of things, like going out with friends. This is reasonable. I do go out, just not every week. They know that if they allow me to go out whenever I please, my grades would plummet. It’s true, because my sister was an example of this. I would feel guilty even lying to them to go out. It’s not right.

I must admit, some things they do are unreasonable. I won’t go into this much, but I get so annoyed. The period in which I was most annoyed was when I was taking piano lessons. They’d keep pushing me and pushing me to practice. One, maybe two hours every day. I would get so frustrated! I’d be afraid of that one day…that one day each week in which I had a piano lesson. But look where it’s gotten me. I must say, without all the piano lessons and the pushing, I wouldn’t have the musical abilities I have now. I even want something music-related to be my occupation one day.

I’m not a great child to have. My sister and I are lazy pigs. We are messy. And the worst thing, we even make fun of their bad habits sometimes. My mom is not even close to fluent english. She makes mistakes, and we laugh instead of helping her learn the proper pronunciation. That’s a horrible thing to do. I’m trying to stop doing that. I mean, I’m studying Korean right now. If my pronunciation or grammar is wrong, I wouldn’t want someone just laughing at me, I’d want them to tell me what I said wrong so that I can fix it. Another thing, my dad doesn’t have the best style. He goes out in public in outfits less than perfect, and we just make little jokes. Good thing he doesn’t care for fashion, just comfort.

These are things that make me realize that I’m not living up to my fullest potential as their child. I must practice more filial piety. I should be grateful for having them. They take care of us so well, giving us shelter, food, clothing. Why can’t I just put in the effort to help out more? So that’s my resolution. (Wow…I teared up.)

To N/A Crew

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Since the year is closing up, I plan to do something special. Send me ALL the pictures you have of the crew. Any. All. You may have some of us, you may have other people in the pictures with us. Just any picture (candid ones seem fun) I’d rather not have pictures that were scanned. It turns out even worse.

Another idea, Eggnoodle’s “cup drawing” competition in English has given me an idea. We pick a regular, everyday item, and everyone draws their version on a small piece of paper (you can make it as detailed or as plain as you want), and I’ll scan it and put it under “Our Masterpieces”. It’d be fun to see everyone’s version.

April 28, 2008

Random Jang Geun Suk pictures

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I’ve been meaning to do something (a post) about Jang Geun Suk. I kind of mentioned him in previous posts (check “Tangled Webs in Asian Dramas” in topic discussions, and “Huh…” in the ramblings section, and his birthday on the birthday page). Now that Eggnoodle has also discovered his charms. Ahh! Such a baby face! People MUST sub more videos with him in it. EEEK. “Black Engine” MV. I’ve spazzed about this in the “Huh…” post. Here’s the excerpt

3.26.08: “So anyway. 장근석 is in both. In Hwang Jin Yi, he had a bad fate, and in Hong Gil Dong, he’s stern. But! When I heard his single “Black Engine” after watching most of Hong Gil Dong…my jaw dropped. It was so unlike what he portrayed in dramas.”

Okay, on to the pictures (you know, in the list of people I’d really want to meet, he’s in the top somewhere, after members of DBSK, SS501, Super Junior. That’s REALLY HIGH considering all the people I would want to meet)

Early days. So cute!

More recent, I’m guessing. His face kind of matured…urghh. No!!! He shouldn’t age!

Him in Hwang Jin Yi. Sure, you judge his look now (which isn’t bad, since it’s in character) but if you watch his parts, you’ll bawl your eyes out.

I can’t find a good screenshot picture of him in Hong Gil Dong. (All look pretty awkward…)

I’m not sure if he’s my favorite actor. More like favorite person who happens to act…and sing.

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