March 31, 2008

an cafe!! <33

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this is for anyone [outside of the group] interested in the jpop band, AN CAFE!

 they are performing in san jose this may 23. i’m trying to order tickets online now, so let us all hope that they haven’t run out yet. to my previous post, thank you for telling me what music culture they were from shinychopstick, so that future study can be done on them :]

an cafe: these are there original members. recently, one quit and two joined in:


dbsk lovers

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for the dbsk lovers out tharrr…

Big Bang pics + other deals

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Response to Eggnoodle’s concern: I started this blog with the intention that we would be able to express what we like freely (with, of course, the restriction on anything other than appropriate). If that leads to it being a kpop blog, then so be it. Our minds have drawn on to this subject. It is only that I am the continual author, so it results in having lots of kpop things. I think if Littlefluteplayer posted (which he should), then it’d be an anime blog. If Sushiroll posted more about her hobbies, then it’d be full of shopping advertisement. And so forth. So no need to be concerned over the vision of what the blog shall be. I’ve already taken care of that.

So on to other things. Big Bang FILA pics (I know there’s enough people who know who Big Bang is)

bb-1.jpg bb2.jpg


GD looks good in all pictures, like the first. I like his hair.
It seems like T.O.P. is always off to the side in a strange pose, except for the last picture.
Seungri’s facial expression seems smug…in all:]
Daesung is such a knucklehead.
Taeyang looks modelesque on the first.

DBSK school photos, Changmin’s food, and other interesting stuff.

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(You can prolly find these on Google without me) I thought these interesting. Sorry to the members who are prolly not interested, and I don’t want our blog to turn into a Kpop blog, since that wasn’t its intention. You prolly will be interested anyhow. ^^


So, the top is Junsu, then Jaejoong, Changmin, and then Yunho.  Yoochun’s isn’t there because he was in America at the time.  Interesting right?

So I’m not going to post all the interesting stuff I found. I will let y’all find them yourself.

Word of the day: Interesting… 😉

March 30, 2008


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are these guys?

someone showed them to me, but i forgot, if you guys know, then do tell !

names:golf and mike , they’re a group<33

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