February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to…

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Trace Cyrus from Metro Station.

New random things

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Hmm… let’s keep up with the NEW STUFF!

  • the orchestra festival is in about ONE WEEK. Let’s get ready. DYNAMICS! INTONATION! RHYTHM! POSTURE! and most importantly GET THE MOOD OF THE SONGS!
  • Shinychopstick did not make the cut for the County Spelling Bee =__=, but is relieved from all the stress
  • Almost no more soccer in P.E.
  • Awards Night went by smoothly although it was extremely dull
  • College Day: Drumline performed. Woo! Go CeleryDip and Littlefluteplayer (who played the cymbals)
  • Shinychopstick got interviewed for journalism (although the paraphrase seems a little lacking)
  • Almost our dear friend Jennifer’s birthday!
  • Studying poems in English

Hmm… is it just me or are things getting pretty dull, more so than usual?

Well, there seems to be gossip floating around, which I would like to stop. You don’t really want to see me mad…do you? =sinister=

Springtime is upon us! But it’s so hot these days! I nearly collapsed yesterday from the heat and the running. I even wore two longsleeves right after running!

I’m in a calm mood, despite all of my obligations that I have not come to finish yet.

And yes, I’m still in an ADDS right now. I actually have been focusing more on music. Practicing piano (composing little tunes) and listening to music, and watching music related things.

At least weekend’s almost here. Normal weekends until the next three day weekend =sigh= which is on the 21st of March

March 10th is my sister’s birthday < random

Tomorrow’s a leap day. Cool.

about 3.5 months until summer. Seems pretty short.

I have just finally gotten adjusted to writing ’08 on my papers.

And so…my rambling is complete for the day

Shinychopstick’s Daily (Sometimes) Advice: In the next few months, share more memories. Especially funny ones, which we can all relate to (though it’s funnier if we can’t). It gets the stress out, so spend more time all together! Oh, and understand people’s limits. Don’t push people to do things they really don’t want to do. Especially if you cannot relate to their thoughts. It will just anger them.

Well, that’s all


February 26, 2008

Shinychopstick’s Music : DBSK (동방신기) part 2

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It’s DBSK again! I’m doing a second post because I felt that the first one didn’t do them any justice =__=. It was my first post and all. Plus, considering how many future posts (and some of the present) will be about them, I figured it’s best. This will be more about my views on each member. From LEFT to RIGHT of the picture, in that order (though that’s not their usual order)

Choikang Changmin (Max): The youngest (BD: 2.18.88). There are so many things to say (about each member). Firstly, his voice. It’s so raw and detectable in harmonies. Plus, it can go pretty high and low. What a great range. His image at the start of their careers was the cute one, but that seemed to wear away (because he lost it to Xiah) His personality is very…blunt. I think that causes certain people to dislike him, but how could they? He also seems to laugh really hard at certain things. When he’s happy, his eyes are uneven. When he’s mad, his lip curls. (I just noticed that after this show mentioned it. How weird). He gets pushed around as the youngest member, but recently he’s been building himself up. A scary thought for Jaejoong, considering their “one-touch” methods, which I’ll mention later. He seems to be the “good son”, somehow. Maybe because he’s so devoted to the group. There was also this prank played on him earlier in their careers, where he was accused of saying the wrong thing, and he ended up apologizing so much! Even when they revealed it was a prank. Aww, how sad. They say he’s also the quickest learner (for Japanese). If you’ve watched the Banjun Dramas (“Unforgettable Love”) you’ll also see that his acting is done well enough to make you cry =cough.Eggnoodle.cough=. Overall, he has a good image, despite what he decides to do on the computer =cough=

Youngwoong Jaejoong (Hero): I can waste the whole day for this one… The oldest (BD: 1.26.86) and my favorite. First, his voice. He sings most of the leads because of his ability to pull in all the harmonies like glue. That’s why you mostly hear his voice (or is it only me?). It’s also pretty…raspy? Is that the right word? Maybe it’s just not as “raw” sounding. His personality, or image, is that of a charismatic, mysterious person. Maybe that’s why some view him as cold. But he actually has a unique personality. On TV shows, you see him speaking informally (most of the time), but leave him with a radio show and it can fill up hours. With the strangest things! (I think he once said that he should have his own radio show, it was either on Noh’s Joyful Radio or Iple Radio). Even as the oldest, he doesn’t seem that way. He and Changmin have their “one-touch” rules (like I mentioned earlier) where the more you care, the harder you hit. I think that’s actually true. Maybe he’s covered in bruises by now. He seems to be left out in variety shows (him and Changmin mostly). His hair goes through many changes. It got darker just recently. His acting is okay, so far that I’ve seen. I loved him in the Banjun dramas though. (“Dangerous Love” & “Unforgettable Love”). His part in “Vacation” wasn’t one of my favorites (though I liked the part where he takes money from the kid). I really want to see “Dating on Earth”, but I don’t think it’s ever going to be out.

Micky Yoochun: The third oldest (BD: 6.04.86) and the one with the richest emotions. First, his voice. It’s the deepest, but you can still hear it (don’t get it confused with Yunho’s). He’s also written alot of songs. That’s why he doesn’t seem as healthy lately, because of his hard work. I think he has the largest fanbase in Korea? People just love his personality. His image of the “gentleman”. He’s also the most stylish (either him or Jaejoong) because they always pick the best clothes (take it before someone else does). He lived in Virginia, so his english is fluent. (like in all the rapping parts). He’s also on many variety shows. Guess he has the personality for it. His acting, in my opinion, is the best. Both in the Banjun dramas (all of them) and in “Vacation”. It’s really connected. Yeah, people just love him.

Xiah Junsu: The fourth oldest, or second youngest (BD: 12.15.86, registered 1.01.87) and the first picked to be in DBSK. His image was supposed to be the “worldly one”, but that wore off as people got to see the cute, innocent side of him. (he stole “cute” from Changmin!). Some may call him “too innocent”, but is that really a bad thing? Don’t corrupt him! His voice, I think, is the strongest. It seems to mold around every song they sing, and is connected to the emotions. Somehow, I always imagine him singing with his eyes closed because it’s strong. It’s also very unique. I’ve never heard any other voice like his. Yeah, he might be viewed as “sloppy” in terms of habits. Eh, no problem. His acting is good (Banjun dramas: “Dangerous Love”, “Unforgettable Love”) People just adore him!

U-know Yunho: the leader and second oldest (BD: 2.06.86) Yes, he’s like the voice of the group. The most respected, probably. He always gets chosen for the best roles in gameshows, etc. His voice is bass baritone, so it’s down there, but what’s unique is his rapping. (although I can barely understand the english parts) He is always eloquent. Even on random topics, he words things so well. I can see why he’s the leader. He takes charge. Some may say his face is too small (funny). He’s on alot of variety shows, alot of them involving atheleticism. Also the best dancer! On almost every single thing that airs, people ask him to dance. It’s never bad! (I don’t know how many opening dances of O.Jung.Ban.Hap I’ve seen) His acting is good. It doesn’t seem as exaggerated as others (sometimes). Yep, he’s the leader.

Oh, and don’t forget that December 23 is TVXQ DAY! Made official by MTV and Boombox~

February 24, 2008


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Wow, talk about things dying down…

Well, lately I [Shinychopstick] find myself busier than usual, maybe with things higher on the priority scale.

But I have made some adjustments.

If you would take a look at the right, you will notice a few things have changed. For one, the greeting. It’s sincere =tear=

Another is the music [Yay] which I’ll try to update from time to time. It all comes from my collection. If you want me to add any of your music [not alot though. only have one gig] then try to send me the file. To play any of the songs, just click on it [and don’t forget to scroll down to check out the rest] mostly asian music for now.

Again, I find myself in an ADDS [Asian Drama Dry Spell] so I’ll probably have more time to devote to music.

Only about a week left until the orchestra festival!

Somehow, I feel suffocated with so many people on now [well, not now exactly]

I went to the bookstore yesterday and spent approximately 2 hours there. I love bookstores. So I ended up getting 2 books, but then again, I only spent most of my time in 3 sections: YA, Language, Manga.

Our dear friend, Jennifer’s birthday is coming up. If you guys have planned it on a weekday then I definitely cannot come. Sorry. You don’t have to reschedule and mess things up. I’ll just get her a nice present.

Awards Night on Wednesday.

Shinychopstick’s Advice for the day [though not everyday] : Spend time getting to know new people that you know you’ll be stuck with next year. It will make the separation easier =tear=. I’ve been talking more to old buddies lately. It’s nice to refresh some friendships. Especially if you find out that you have common interests [or obsessions]

No one goes on much anymore [except for Sushiroll, of whom I predict will write plenty of posts once she makes her own account. Just remember your grammar!]

WELL, it’s getting late, so that’s it.


Shinychopstick’s Spelling Bee

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County Spelling Bee starts tomorrow!

The Written Round is tomorrow

The Oral Round [if I make it in] is on Saturday

lend me support? but you guys don’t have to come. It’s pretty far, anyway.

Wish me good luck~!

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