July 29, 2012


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I hereby declare this wordpress dead.

Yes, it is unfortunate, but none of us can maintain it any longer. It is useless to keep holding out hope that one of us will post a super interesting post in the future.

But this wordpress had babies before it died.

Shinychopstick @ livejournal: continues to write fangirly // informal posts about k-pop, k-dramas, j-pop, j-dramas, random rambles. Updates: frequent

Angelurmasekur @ wordpress: seems to be writing reviews/beauty tips & etc. Updates: Somewhat frequent

Tochifu @ livejournal: so far has listed drama titles. Updates: rarely

Deergoatsheep @ livejournal.: seems to write about regular life. Updates: Occasional.

It’s sad that we couldn’t keep this one alive much longer. Pulling the plug. Bye~

(but if one of the N/A wanted to add more, then I guess they can. If we want to continue w/ the N/A then I’d rather make a ljcomm…)


June 23, 2011

Now / Always!

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Wow it’s been over two years since anyone posted anything on this blog… Looks like I’ll be changing that now! Let’s see how many people actually check or keep up with this blog…

Dear: Shinychopstick, Eggnoodle, Celerydip, Sushiroll[z], Littlefluteplayer, Wetsponge (and honorary members Deergoatsheep and HamtaroMax)

I can’t believe our Junior Year’s finally over! It definitely doesn’t feel like we’re Seniors! We only have one more year of high school left before we have to enter… THE REAL WORLD… I know we all have our own lives and new friends, but I think we should make an effort to have that group reunion we’ve always tried to have but never accoomplished. Let’s make this final summer as high school students, one to remember and cherish for years to come! Together, we can make it happen!

Even though we’re no longer going to the same schools, we’ll always be friends; no matter where we will go, we will always be The N/A!

The N/A – ” ‘Til Then, My Friend “

 To “Chi” Fu

May 3, 2009

who do you think is going to get married first?

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March 1, 2009


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A new random quiz to test the people of the N/A (to see who actually pays attention to our wordpress).

  1. What is the closest object to your left hand right now?
  2. Right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous?
  3. Dayquil or Nyquil?
  4. Where is your backpack? Opened or closed?
  5. How many pencils are in your backpack?

My answers:

  1. Hairbrush
  2. striving to be ambidextrous… (and I’m pretty close to the writing part).
  3. Dayquil
  4. On the floor next to me, opened, messed up
  5. 2

February 5, 2009

Attentive vs. Distracted schedule

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Wake-up: Very dead….feeling uncomfortable, woozy. No one else is awake. Depressed

0 Period: Slightly attentive, because of the cold. Eyes feel uncomfortable and baggy.

1 Period: Distracted. Not listening. Sorta read. Blah.

2 Period: Totally distracted. Constant zoning out. Teacher is just….boring.

3 Period: Eating, and only attentive towards eating. Distracted from note-taking.

4 Period: Very attentive, most of the time. Less interested in tedious work.

5 Period: Attentive, just bored (for now).

6 Period: Attentive only for classwork, not lectures. Very sleepy and gross-feeling. Want to go home.

Home: Very distracted from hw.

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